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Manu Khetan, Founder & CEO, Rolling Arrays

The hiring landscape has transformed in the last few decades. Rolling Arrays is Asia’s premier, award-winning human resource (HR) transformation company, headquartered in Singapore with offices in six countries. It is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions that enable customers to attract, develop, and retain the talent that best fits their business.

With an entrepreneurial passion, Manu Khetan, Founder & CEO of the company, started the company in 2009. While others asked to take up a decent 9 to 5 job, Khushboo Khetan, Director & CFO, and Robert Limasal President Director at Rolling Arrays, defiantly joined in the roller coaster ride alongside Manu with a unified mind and the passion to try. By 2010, the team’s dedication started paying off and the company was awarded SAP Partnership. Since its inception, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 150 HR transformation projects for more than 100 blue-chip clients across Asia & Middle East.

Rolling Arrays’ core area of expertise is a consultative approach to HR processes, HR functions, and HR software—a focus that has catalyzed the company’s success. The end-to-end HR Transformation Service includes:

HR Business Consulting: A Consultative Approach to HR Transformation 

The company provides HR Leaders with unique insights to streamline their operations, reduce costs of HR service delivery, and transform the performance and role of HR.

HR System Implementation: Beyond Implementation

Rolling Arrays help companies foresee and mitigate potential challenges. Based on a decade of our HR automation expertise, it has built a unique implementation methodology that is proven, agile, and scalable and helps realize business value in just weeks. With its experience, it recommends and deploys HR software mapped to the client’s HR processes for the business’ current and future needs.

HR Change Adoption: Bridging the Change Performance Gap

The company helps businesses to achieve effective and sustainable organizational change. It enables customers to realize the full value of their HR transformation by helping people adopt change and by minimizing the costs and disruption to the business.

HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Optimizes HR Functions

Human Resources Outsourcing has evolved to BPaaS (Business Process as a Service). Supported by cloud technology, it has become a reliable and predictable way to streamline the processes, reduce operating costs, and focus on the core business.

HR System Support

The company provides dedicated support and maintenance for businesses SAP HR system to help organizations with the day-to-day HR and administrative activities. It aims to deliver both business consulting and technical expertise to generate important business outcomes.

Data Migration & HRIS Integration

It provides pain-free data migration and synergetic HRIS integration. Whether the client needs to migrate data to a new HRMS or to integrate various HRIS systems, Rolling Arrays is there to simplify their HR Transformation journey.

Reimburse: One-Stop Expense & Travel Management Solution 

Reimburse is Rolling Arrays’ expense management product. It is an Advanced Expense, Travel, and Claims & Benefits Management System. The solution is created keeping in mind the ease of use and yet catering to specific business requirements of various types of users and teams. One of the examples is, Reimburse is pre-integrated with SAP Success Factors to work seamlessly using single sign-on.

Manu says, “We, as a company, focus on streamlining business processes and supporting it with the system to serve in the best interest of clients for current and future needs. From regular product innovation and enhancements, and dedicated support teams, we strive towards simplifying the lives of our customers.”

Helping Clients Overcome Challenges in the Industry

Rolling Arrays is also an SAP gold partner. It continuously builds value for customers by delivering customized solutions that enable them to attract top talent and retain happy employees that drive their bottom line. Firstly, the company took the expense management to cloud from paper-based or excel. It finds a system that is comprehensive and enables custom, however complex and ever-changing, policies set up and yet to use. Also, it has out of the box integration capability with existing HR & finance systems to get meaningful reports through an end to end automated process. It also simplifies the receipt captures the process and provides an easy solution to configure custom workflows. 

The company provides an easy solution for custom policy, policy violation, fraud, and duplicate expense detection. It introduced the Modern Mobile-First Approach by abstracting user actions which can be executed automatically by the software.

“We focus on innovation to meet customers’ dynamic needs and deliver business solutions that are created in high-standards and a performance-driven culture,” asserts, Manu.

Businesses can solve major challenges with systems like Reimburse Expense Management, which can integrate with the company’s existing systems and take care of business & industry specific needs. 

“With new norms in business work-styles and requirements, we are working towards offering solutions and support to businesses in streamlining their processes and systems to be agile and adapt easily,” concludes, Manu.


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