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In the era of digital transformation, robotic process automation (RPA) is leading the way.

Most companies are striving to digitise their businesses in some shape or form in order to remain competitive; and RPA acts as a gateway to achieve this by being able to act as a bridge between different legacy systems which are expensive and difficult to replace. RPA is  software, available on either a desktop or via a server, which is able to automate repetitive, mundane tasks which would normally be performed by a human worker, for example, finding and transferring data from one system to another. Many industries have implemented RPA to improve accuracy, quality, and productivity at a low cost, which is the essential to modernize and transform their operations, and achieve better results.

While  companies worldwide are  embracing this robotic process automation technology at a faster pace, one company which is leading the way with innovative RPA technology solutions is Softomotive, which started in 2005 and is based in London. With a vision to make the democratization of RPA a reality by equipping each end user with their own digital assistant on their desktop, Softomotive  serves more than 8000 customers and has become a trusted RPA solution partner across the globe. The company is well known to deliver its advanced RPA solutions to various industry sectors, including banking, finance, insurance, and manufacturing. CEO of the company, Marios Stavropoulos says “We are the only provider of process automation technology to offer a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growth companies, and large enterprises”.

Softomotive has come further into the spotlight with the recent introduction of a new way to deploy RPA called the People1st approach for RPA. Marios explains “At the moment, there is an over-reliance on a top down to RPA which is typically more expensive, more rigid and less innovative with little involvement of the end user. This is putting a brake on the diffusion of automations across the business, often causing frustrations along the way because of the lack of progress. A People1st approach for RPA puts the power in the hands of the end user or “citizen developer” to help accelerate process discovery and process development with more of a bottom up approach.”

Softomotive is always in the process of enhancing its products, services, and solutions. Its Robotic automation process solutions are designed to meet the customer’s needs which enable the development and deployment of effective automation. The integration of advanced technologies such as machine learning, cognitive solutions, and world-class artificial intelligence, help to take out the best-of-features of RPA solutions to fulfill the customer’s demands. Marios says, “Since the launch of WinAutomation, our  desktop automation product, we responded to our customers demand with the introduction of ProcessRobot – a leading RPA platform which includes enterprise-grade security and controls, with links to best-of-breed AI technologies”. A combination of WinAutomation and ProcessRobot offer the best of a top down and bottom up approach to RPA deployment to help maximise business outcomes. Very often customers start small with the desktop approach, learn quickly and then scale seamlessly what works best. This is very much in line with the three key phases of a People1st approach, namely Innovate, Incubate and Implement.

Moreover, through WinAutomation, Softomotive clients are kick-starting their automation journey to achieve their desired goals. For example, Technicolor; which provides a solution for a world-leading feature film, television, advertising, and gaming companies, achieved more than 90% of automated workflows and 60% of accurate data entry to help the shared services team to deliver high-quality and more comprehensive services to their core businesses. It enables employees to concentrate on business analysis rather than monotonous tasks.

With both WinAutomation and ProcessRobot, Softomotive has built  a strong reputation in the process automation sector, especially for software which is easy to use and quick to deploy. Because of its proven skills and expertise, the company has been recognized as the Star Performer and Major Contender in RPA PEAK Matrix™ Assessment, Everest Group (2018). Furthermore, the company is named as “Technology leader in SPARK TM Matrix by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions (2018)”.

Backed by 14 years of experience in providing RPA solutions in various sectors, the company remains committed to making robotic process automation technology accessible to everyone and a People1st approach which puts people before robots is making this a reality.


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