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In this era of rapid digitization, businesses across every industry need to capitalize on emerging technologies such as IoT and cloud computing. With deep insights into how a business should combine cloud computing and IoT to support intelligent decision-making, SoftChef has managed to bring transformative changes into tough business environments. Its IoT enablement and management platform SaaS (software-as-a-service) is a useful tool in managing devices, data collection, data visualization, and end-user registration processes. is a cloud-independent software service designed by SoftChef to resolve customer’s cloud integration issues and drastically expedite customer’s IoT business launch. Josh Chai, Founder & CEO, SoftChef shares, “ is the world first cloud independent IoT platform that can plug in a cloud account of your choice while keeping all the serverless configuration and data in the chosen cloud account.”

The Internet of Things and cloud computing are growing in tandem; one requires the other. With an explosion of devices, it is tough to connect and share data coming in from multiple sources. This is where SoftChef excels. Its IoT management platform brings every possible solution together and works seamlessly with customers cloud account.  It encourages customers to keep their own cloud infrastructure and collect the precious Internet of Things data to generate new business models and insights. Josh explains, “By leveraging SoftChef solutions’ IoT platform, businesses can react to different request faster and better manage their IoT projects. We have created a modern IoT business model based on SaaS, which is uniquely helpful to both hardware/software manufacturers and system integrators.”

Started in 2017, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company manifests itself as a one stop solution provider for the B-to-B market. SoftChef’s solutions are highly-sought after in the hardware-driven markets of Asia, especially in Taiwan. The company has close ties with Taiwanese OEMs that have an extensive network in the global market. SoftChef provides customized business logic applications, efficient mobile apps and assistance for hardware sourcing and consultancy. With a multi-faceted team with experience in different industry vertical and markets, SoftChef has proven expertise in addressing individual IoT and Cloud Computing challenges. For customers looking to fully embrace cloud-based systems, the company is an ideal partner with the right technical know-how and industry experience to operate at a global level.

The company’s vision to build better IoT applications started when they were assisting companies to shift their culture from product-centric to service-centric business models. It realized how cloud and software development play a big role in IoT projects, which are the core competencies of SoftChef. This eventually led to the development of, APAC first IoT platform SaaS to be listed on the AWS marketplace. Josh says, “Thanks to the extensive API pool from, we have been effective in helping different size of businesses and various verticals to transform and launch their IoT business in a timely fashion and cost-effective.”

Innovative and forward-thinking, SoftChef has a passion for all kinds of cloud technologies. SoftChef has demonstrated expertise in how to handle the cloud architect elegantly with its IoT platform SaaS ( Going forward, SoftChef will continue to develop end-to-end IoT business solutions and enhance the functional role of IoT platform on Analytics, Application Enablement, Data Management, Integration, Efficiency of Communications, Device Management and Security.” The company also wants to work on customer support, strengthening channel partnerships via partner portal and deal registration to ensure their channel partners can get more at less prices.

“Born in the cloud, raised on the ground”, SoftChef has already set its footprint in Singapore and Taiwan wishes to expand its business in Malaysia, Thailand and China markets in 2019. In the near future, it is going to introduce a bunch of new tech solutions. Josh reveals, “Multi-cloud support of is something that our customers will see in the early 2019. Anest – our Edge computing SDK project will also be launched at the same time and will have probably a hardware gateway look.” This effort is going to successfully address its clients’ concerns regarding the business logic application customization.

The company aims to come up with a new hardware also, powered by SoftChef Anest SDK together with SoftChef IoT platform SaaS soon. With 20 years’ of experience as an international business enablement firm, Josh concludes, “We anticipate that by combining the edge computing and the cloud core, hardware and software, we will raise the company value to a higher level.”


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