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Glenn Wilson, Co-Founder & Scott Robertson, Co-Founder, Simplify

Today, entrepreneurship has become a global trend, and following the path of entrepreneurship are two inspiring business leaders Scott Robertson and Glenn Wilson, Co-Founders of Simplify. The entrepreneurial duo identified a gap in the market in New Zealand back in 2015, the Asset Finance broker market was minimal, leaving customers bereft of options when it came to financing their car. “Buying a car is an exciting time; however the financing of the car is often a daunting experience as for a long time the only option for customers has been to finance the car through the dealership. It is critical to work closely with the customer throughout the entire process, with a dedicated broker helping and clearly explaining the process throughout their car buying journey.” says, Mr. Robertson. The Co-Founders set out on a mission to enhance the finance experience and create a new customer-focused finance company which made the whole process easier, more transparent, and faster for everyone. 

Simplify is committed to providing customers with a better way to compare finance options with a more personalized approach. Their goal is to develop a set of tools and people-powered technology that empowers customers and transforms how they can access and be in control of their finance needs. With a laser focus on enhancing the customer experience, Simplify has achieved consistent growth since its inception and helped over 10,000 customers finance their cars and has a current book of over $100 million. The company was recognized in the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in Australia for 2 years running.  

Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

With a range of lending options and dealer partnerships, a technology-backed process, and a clear and transparent approach, the prominent company is extremely well-positioned to support its customers throughout this important purchase. Whilst Simplify has several referral partners, the large bulk of customers come from a range of online sources. It has adopted an independent customer rating tool, Feefo, achieving a 4.9 rating from over 1500 reviews, and is recognized as a platinum trusted adviser. As a result, this recognition brings customers directly to the business from their online research.

Mr. Wilson shares, “Customers are becoming a lot savvier about their options, and more inclined to spend time exploring their finance options online before visiting the dealership. Customers range from the $10k car up to the more prestigious $150k and beyond.”

At Simplify, customers are at the core of its processes and business decisions that help to drive any operational enhancements and decisions relating to the strategic direction of the company. The company offers the same representative working closely with the customer from the time of initial inquiry through to the settlement of the loan. The team is committed to the customer long-term, staying in touch throughout the loan providing an additional layer of comfort that their finance partner is available long after the initial sale.

“A dedicated customer loyalty team and journey program ensures that Simplify is the contact point for the customers’ next car, with 1 in 4 customers continuing their car finance journey with Simplify. Customer referrals are a significant source of Simplify inquiries which is testament to the customer-centric approach adopted by the business,” asserts, Mr. Wilson.

With a team of dedicated brokers at the heart of Simplify’s success, the business encounters minimal turnover, and an average tenure exceeding 3 years. Mr. Robertson adds, “After canvassing the team for feedback following the pandemic, Brokers are now entrusted to treat their role as an independent operator effectively running their own book, whilst taking advantage of the flexibility that comes from a work-from-home model.” The investments in technology from the business ensure each member is part of the team with ongoing support, and training, and the feeling of connection remains ongoing from the support of a driven and highly capable management team.

Achieving Success amidst Pandemic

During the pandemic and resulting lockdowns,the world has seen a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with customers heading online more. This trend continues to grow and Simplify must continue to innovate and provide personalised products and services to its customers. After navigating its way through the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic Simplify has transitioned to a full working-from-home environment and seen the team grow to 30 valuable team members. Most recently, the learnings throughout this time have put Simplify in a strong position as it brings its business model to Australia, which is proving to be very exciting for customers, the team, and the business. The company’s key strategic focus is investing significantly in technology to further enhance the customer experience and recognize the operational efficiencies that result from this investment.

Today, Simplify is well on track to finance over $120 million this financial year and is committed to maintaining and further enhancing its position as a leading car finance broker for the New Zealand market for many years to come.


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