Sitics Logistic Solution: Well-Poised as a Complete Supply Chain Solutions Provider


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A Glimpse of Business in Supply Chain Management

The story of a modern product, beginning from its sources and ending with consumers, is neither short nor simple. Few understand how complex supply chain management is: sourcing and gathering raw materials, developing products, procuring the market-ready version, moving the goods and distributing them to wholesalers, retailers and end-users. The ones who do i.e. the seasoned players are at an advantage: in addition to proficiency, their business is set up on crucial know-how, trade secrets and techniques. 

Companies who invest heavily in non-core activities such as logistics spend up to 20 % of their operational budget and this is an impediment in many ways. Without specialized skills, speed and efficiency, they may never reach speed to market deadlines profitably. But, if a reliable third-party partner takes over their supper chain operations, they can focus on core activities, invest in further growth and materialize greater efficiency levels.

For example, Apple, the most valuable company on the earth, reaches millions of customers every year, without having a single manufacturing/distribution facility. They focus on their core competency, and leave all the non-core work to others.

Apple is able to do it through services offered by third-party supply chain management solution providers who envision uplifting clients always.

The Rise, Growth and Success of Sitics Logistic Solutions in the Industry

In the Asia-Pacific, one of the best examples of business excellence in this sector is Sitics Logistic Solutions, a promising and comprehensive supply chain solutions provider, operating from its headquarters in Kerala, India. It was set up by CEO, A. M. Sikander and COO, T. Haridas in 2007 as a single platform to better serve large organizations for every supply chain need. Thereon, it has been steadily and continuously growing: setting up new offices in Bangalore, Chennai and Malaysia while serving many clients ranging from world famous brands to new start-ups. A. M. Sikander says, “We are deeply passionate about our customer success. Our ready-to-go solutions and ability to integrate ourselves with customers help save companies a lot of time and money.”

A.M. Sikander adds, “Sitics isn’t just another third-party logistics company. We blend experience, processes, and technology to ensure customer delight, and add agility and predictability to operations.” The company is one of the few players who are competent across the entire value chain of supply chain and especially logistics and is capable of serving every kind of business with a very high customer retention rate of over 95 %.

Sitics has become renowned for its complete supply chain solutions ranging from supply chain planning, freight forwarding, transportation, warehouse management and last-mile delivery. A. M. Sikander says that they are capable of running clients’ entire supply chain operations through Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS). He says, “We become an integral part of your organization, rather than just a service provider.” The company helps clients convert CAPEX to OPEX and ensure that they leverage its strengths to scale up more efficiently.

Through transparent, flexible, reliable and ethical engagements, the company creates long-lasting and trusted bonds with its customers. Its high customer retention rate of over 95 % is a testament to its success in business. Some of their popular clients include Britannia, Continental, Coca Cola, Akzo Nobel, ITC and Mercedes amongst so many others.

Gearing Up for Even ‘More’

Furthermore, Sitics is poised well in the fragmented supply chain industry that is on the cusp of better consolidation. A. M. Sikander states that Sitics is very confident in offering more and more value to customers across vast areas especially within the Asia-Pacific in the years to come.

  1. M. Sikander reports that Sitics has been growing at a rate of 40 % CAGR and how it’s well on its way to becoming a sought-after partner guiding customers to success. With the help of the latest technologies and crucial market knowledge, the company has been growing immensely: spreading geographically, fostering synergies within the industry and catering to customers’ every supply chain requirement. 
  2. M. Sikander shares the company’s future focus, “We envision being a player of customer’s choice across the world.” Sitics is well-poised to strengthen the entire value chain within the industry and to realize a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.


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