Liquidation Showdown: Chinese Developer Shimao Group Sweetens Debt Revamp Terms Before Liquidation Hearing


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Shimao Group, a prominent Chinese property developer, has taken steps to improve its offshore debt restructuring terms to gain support from creditors. The move comes as the company faces a liquidation petition filed by state-owned lender China Construction Bank (Asia) over unpaid loans totaling HK$1.58 billion ($201.75 million). As Shimao faces its first court hearing regarding this petition, the stakes are incredibly high. The situation is a critical reflection of the broader challenges facing the Chinese property sector, which has been under significant stress since 2021.

Shimao Group, a prominent Chinese property developer, encountered financial distress when it defaulted on its substantial $11.5 billion offshore debt in 2022. This default triggered apprehensions among creditors, leading Shimao to propose a restructuring plan in March. However, the initial proposal met staunch resistance from creditors who were dissatisfied with the plan’s lack of upfront payments and the potential for significant financial losses. This legal move has further complicated Shimao’s efforts to navigate its financial challenges and restructure its debt amidst a challenging economic environment in the Chinese property sector. 

Revised Proposal of Shimao Group

Shimao Group, amidst its ongoing financial restructuring efforts, has recently introduced a revised proposal aimed at appeasing creditors and navigating its challenging debt landscape. The updated plan includes “mildly” improved terms designed to enhance creditor satisfaction. One significant adjustment involves an increase in the minimum cash amount that creditors will be eligible to collect under the new terms. Despite these enhancements, specific details regarding the revised terms have not been fully disclosed as negotiations continue.

Alongside the increased minimum cash payment, Shimao is currently engaged in discussions regarding other critical aspects of its restructuring strategy. These negotiations encompass various proposals, notably potential exchanges of debt for mandatory convertible bonds. This approach underscores Shimao’s proactive stance in addressing its substantial offshore debt obligations and marks a pivotal phase in its efforts to stabilize financial operations amidst ongoing legal challenges.

Challenges in the Chinese Property Sector

Since 2021, the Chinese property sector has been grappling with a severe liquidity crisis, exacerbated by stringent regulatory measures and a downturn in the real estate market. This crisis has cast a shadow over numerous developers, including Shimao Group, one of China’s prominent property developers. Amidst the economic uncertainties and regulatory pressures, Shimao, like many others in the sector, has encountered significant challenges in meeting its offshore debt repayment obligations. 

The ongoing liquidity crisis has strained financial capabilities and intensified disagreements between developers and creditors. These disagreements have prolonged negotiations on restructuring and repayment terms, as both parties seek to safeguard their respective interests amidst the uncertain economic landscape. For Shimao and other developers facing similar predicaments, navigating these negotiations has been crucial in determining the viability of their restructuring plans and the potential implications for their business operations.

Amidst these challenges, the Chinese property sector continues to face regulatory scrutiny and market volatility, influencing the strategic decisions of developers like Shimao. 

Market Conditions in China’s Property Sector

In May, China saw a sharp decline in new home prices, intensifying challenges for property developers already grappling with liquidity issues and debt repayments. This drop reflects broader market pressures amid government efforts to curb speculation and manage housing oversupply.

Despite regulatory measures, uncertainty persists in the property sector. Developers like Shimao Group are closely monitoring market fluctuations, which affect their strategic planning and financial restructuring efforts amidst economic adjustments.

The market’s volatility poses challenges for stakeholders assessing the implications of price declines and regulatory changes. Shimao Group and other developers must navigate these uncertainties to restore investor confidence and ensure long-term stability.

Approval and Deadline

Shimao Group faces critical milestones in its restructuring efforts as it strives to secure approval from creditors holding more than 75% of its offshore debt. This threshold is crucial for implementing the company’s proposed restructuring plan, which aims to address significant financial challenges stemming from past defaults and liquidity constraints.

Adding to the urgency, Shimao must contend with an impending deadline for its 1.1% early consent fee. Originally set, this fee has been extended twice but is set to expire soon, underscoring the time-sensitive nature of the negotiations and the pressure on both the developer and its creditors to reach a consensus. These developments highlight the complexity and criticality of the current phase in Shimao’s efforts to stabilize its financial position and regain market confidence.

Shimao’s efforts to sweeten its debt revamp terms reflect the broader challenges faced by Chinese developers. The outcome of the liquidation hearing will significantly impact the company’s future.


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