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Companies are on the hunt for ways to streamline product development. Successful new products are directly dependent on a company’s ability to harvest new ideas and screen them to generate new sources of innovation constantly. Unfortunately, most companies do not have a good system in place to turn new ideas into successful new products. Food and Beverage companies also rely on manual and time-consuming coordination of product development activities. SpecPage is a company making product innovation more effective by digitizing every stage of product development and put predictive models in place to determine the best chance of its product’s success. 

SpecPage is a global leader in providing innovative and enhanced digital solutions for the recipe-based manufacturing industry. It is the only Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) process solution vendor uniquely dedicated to the food and beverage industry. By providing exhaustive, individualized and tailor-made services to suit the special requirements of organizations, it allows customers to derive maximum advantage from their system. 

Software Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

SpecPage was founded in 2006 by a serial entrepreneur named Mr. Severin Weiss with more than three decades of experience in creating and expanding international business systems. He recognized a crucial deficit in the food and beverage industry. 

With his background in communications and information technology, Weiss saw the potential of software solutions in the food and beverage industry to eliminate the dependence on formula and specification spreadsheets. He identified that the food manufacturers who managed their product data with spreadsheets and e-mails were more vulnerable to financial loss that couldn’t be controlled, mitigated or eliminated via data management process solutions. His initial idea was to develop a dedicated software and digital process solution to aid food manufacturers streamline and grow their business. 

Weiss successfully eliminated the need for formula and specifications spreadsheets through automating and digitizing processes. He helped hundreds of food manufacturers leverage their data to accelerate time to market, eliminate global regulatory compliance challenges, enhance food safety, and achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

The company grew rapidly throughout Europe and began expanding internationally by 2010. It also expanded to the U.S in 2015. To support expansion to APAC, it expanded widely to Singapore and China in 2017. Growing tremendously, SpecPage now has clients in every continent.

A Unique Approach to Secure Product Data

Being the only global leader of enhanced digital product lifecycle and project data management process solutions specialized for the food and beverage industry, SpecPage stands out for its uniqueness in the industry.

Manufacturers who operate with antiquated spreadsheets and exchange proprietary information via email has very less security. Mr. Weiss says, “Providing security and IT risk management is a top priority for SpecPage. We employ a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to ensure data security which is crucial to the success of every organization.”

Employing PLM designed by a company that exclusively works with food and beverage industry provides a first-mover advantage for food manufacturers. SpecPage provides unique opportunities for small to mid-sized manufacturers – allowing them to compete with larger and well-established brands. It offers comprehensive software solutions, available in via cloud or on-premise subscription.

The food and beverage industry is an exceptionally competitive market, their producers must manage their resources which begins and ends with data, in order to thrive in the market. Manufacturers working with stale, incomplete or inaccurate data are prone to face challenges regarding calculations, simulations, food safety, traceability, formula processes and transparency in the supply chain.

SpecPage developed a user-friendly and simple product data management platform called SpecPDM. It enables R&D and quality professionals to set up and maintain a powerful application relieving the respective IT departments of the burden of providing extensive support. It delivers growth potential and significant economic and operational advantages for food producers.

By harnessing the SpecPage suite of solutions, it helps the manufacturers by supporting the base production from ideation, research & development, recipe integration, packaging, regulatory compliance, auditing, and reporting. 

Expanding the Market Globally

SpecPage has more than 300 clients around the globe – each one of them is a reference customer. Many customers have employed SpecPage suite of solutions to achieve secure, transparent master data management, eliminate inaccuracies and prevent confusion and errors. Every customer is provided with the most personalized attention to detail to meet and exceed the specific needs of their organization, for maximum benefits and the best return on investment.

Mr. Weiss says, “The culture at SpecPage is ‘our vision, your success.’ We believe in transparency, fair trade, engaged, continuous improvements, superior customer service, and performance excellence delivered to every customer, every time.”

SpecPage precisely brings experience, passion, dedication, laser focus and a solid foundation to the table in the food and beverage industry. Experiencing explosive growth, SpecPage continues to expand its global footprint.


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