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When Jack Ma decided to start a wholesale online marketplace in China, back in 1999, nobody anticipated that Alibaba would become one of the worlds most valuable and diverse corporations. Sensitivity to business opportunity was crucial for the success of the company. Understanding the direction of the market and the readiness of the consumers for new products and services are critical for start-ups.

With over 820 million Alipay users and over 400 million Wechat users, cash in no longer the dominant mode of payment in China’s $15.5 tn payment markets. Mobile payment has become a phenomenal success in the country and Chinese consumers have a strong desire to continue the same buying habits abroad. Following China, the global payment system is sweeping towards a mobile system.

Robust Cross Border Payment System

As the shi-t in payment method continues, RoyalPay, a dynamic start-up headquartered in Melbourne, ventured into the industry with a vision to make cross-border payment and business easy by proving a seamless mobile payment service and connecting global merchants to consumers. Started in 2015 the company has become a leading cross-border payment solution provider in Australia and is gaining traction abroad. Locky Ge, Founder and CEO of RoyalPay, says, “With our humble beginnings in a small office space in Melbourne, RoyalPay has grown its operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand.” The existing cross boarder payment infrastructure is generally expensive and slow. RoyalPay is changing this by providing a cheap and fast currency movement service.

Connecting Chinese

Consumers with the World With the massive user of Alipay and Wechat in China, the founder of RoyalPay wanted to tap into this user bases in Australia. Locky says, “We are committed to better connecting Chinese consumers with the world beginning with Australia.”By Partnering with the two payment giants of China, RoyalPay helps Australian merchants to connect with the massive Chinese consumers through its payment platform.

Making the life of Chinese Visitors to Australia Easy

RoyalPay enables Chinese consumers to practice the same buying habit with Australia businesses. “We connect Australian businesses to Chinese consumers before, during and after their stay in Australia,” explains Locky. By actively advertising the merchants using coupons and brand contents, RoyalPay showcase the uniqueness of Australian brands and connect them with Chinese consumers. Partnership Alipay and Wechat enable the company to reach out to the large consumers of china to inform about what they can do in Australia. Once the customers land in Australia, they can utilize all the location based information of RoyalPay for shopping, dining and other activities. Locky explains, “In all of our merchant locations, the business displays RoyalPay signage allowing customers to easily identify where they can shop or dine.”

Providing Agile Service to the Clients

As a client-centric business, RoyalPay has been agile in reacting to the clients’ needs and requirements. This has resulted in the creation of a RoyalPay App for merchants, which is updated by the IT team every three weeks to improve performance and to fix small bugs fixes. Locky says, “We work hard with POS (point of sale) software providers to build integration with our merchants and provide instant customer service and back end support.”For this reason, RoyalPay has received positive response from the merchants and clients in Australia. Now RoyalPay sees potential for growth outside Australia and has begun its expansion into North America and Oceania.

The company has many competitive advantages in the growing payment market. RoyalPay not only delivers fast, seamless and secure digital payment options, but also enhance the marketing of merchants. Locky says, “We provide a low cost value added solutions for our merchants to enhance their marketing options.”For example, the company has successfully helped many merchants in creating and managing strategy for WeChat Official Accounts. Such platform based solutions enable merchants to connect to large Chinese consumers and helps in the promotion of Australian businesses in China.

Strategic Plan for Future Growth

As the market for mobile payment and cashless store continues to grow, RoyalPay is strategically planning and developing service to capitalize on the trends. To harness the power of mobile payment in Australia, the company is developing an Australian e-wallet solution that is intended to provide Australians the ability to complete card-less payments using QR code technology. Also, with the increase of cashless store, RoyalPay is building smaller and more convenient self-service store with no cashier. Both the projects have the potential to revolutionize the way retail operates. In a short period of time, RoyalPay has gained the trust of its clients for its ability to deliver impeccable services to the growing needs of businesses in the digital era. The company doesn’t just provide a robust mobile payment solution; it provides a comprehensive solution that enhances cross-border payment system, marketing and business of the modern world.


“RoyalPay’s core vision is to make cross-border payment and business easy by proving a seamless mobile payment service and connecting global merchants to consumers”

“RoyalPay has gained the trust of its clients for its ability to deliver impeccable services to the growing needs of businesses in the digital era”


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