RECOM Technologies: A Pioneer Energizing the World with Solar Power


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Hamlet Tunyan, CEO, RECOM Technologies

With the increasing demand for energy day by day, global power generation is continuing to rise and is vastly responsible for polluting our world. The environmental and climate challenges require a profound transformation of the global energy system to ‘greener’, environmentally friendlier solutions. Incepted in 2007, RECOM Technologies is a Renewable Energy Company that has become an important source of green energy, spearheading the growth of the solar industry. While RECOM was a niche segment of the broader energy industry then, today, it is a growing rapidly source of power across the globe. One of the co-founders and currently the CEO of the company, Mr. Hamlet Tunyan saw the potential for growth of this renewable industry as the international community had just begun to understand the negative consequences of the heavy reliance on fossil fuels on the environment and geopolitical matters.

Embracing Leading-edge Technologies

Technology has a global impact and has assisted industries across various sectors to improve efficiency and offer higher quality standards. Headquartered in France, RECOM has a notable presence in the global solar industry that produces modules, cells, inverters, and hybrid storage systems. The innovative company is also an independent power producer (IPP) through its solar development projects throughout the world and it heavily invests in R&D to always be at the forefront of the latest technological advances in the industry.

RECOM is the leading, and the only Bloomberg Tier 1, PV module manufacturer in Europe with above 1,1GW annual production capacity and with sales of over 2GW solar modules in 95 countries. Mr. Tunyan says, “As a renewable energy and technology company, we are committed to the mission before us to lessen humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel, overcome global imbalances and halt the degradation of our environment.” RECOM also aims to reduce CO2 emissions for the betterment of the world and its customers.

The prominent company achieves its goals by investing in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, installation, and making solar by far the cheapest source of electricity. The European-based company, RECOM firmly stands for European social and sustainability standards, fair and accessible trade, and competition. It also manufactures in Europe and cooperates with manufacturers worldwide to achieve cutting-edge quality solar modules to satisfy the customers’ needs. “We do all this with an open mind and a workforce of diverse cultures, with the ambition and persistence to make great things happen,” asserts, Mr. Tunyan.

The company provides a wide range of solar panels from Panther Half Cut, to Jaguar Tri-cut, to PUMA Shingled, to Lion Heterojunction, and the latest product technology evolution Lynx with TopCon. It also manufactures Inverters and Energy Storage Systems offering turnkey solutions to customers. Recently, addressing the increased demand for mobility charging solutions, the team at RECOM has added EV chargers to its portfolio.

Creating a Niche

RECOM’s customer-first approach differentiates them in the marketplace. The company is committed to providing superior quality services to its customers. In this demanding global environment, RECOM has managed to develop and maintain strong relationships. Currently, RECOM is successfully producing solar cells & modules with customers being some of the largest investors, utilities & EPC companies globally. “We are assisting the construction of the parks of our business partners by providing financial services to them, especially during construction & we are acquiring building & operating our assets in more than 10 countries globally,” explains, Mr. Tunyan.

With the strengths of supply reliability, readiness to deliver, high product quality, pre, and after-sales support, and financial solidity, RECOM is making strides in the market. The company secures customer supply by always maintaining products in stock at different geographic locations, thus insuring its clients’ competitive pricing with fast and timely delivery.

The most important values at RECOM includes value creation, integrity, and diversity. The team is committed to providing high-quality services and products to meet the interests and satisfaction of consumers. It also provides value for money and delivers the best customer service and experience. Mr. Tunyan adds, “As we aim to achieve our dual goals of exceptional quality and fair price, we are always mindful of our commitment to act with the highest standard of integrity in all of our business decisions and actions.”

Internally, RECOM is ethnically diverse, gender-equal one team, accountable, and respectful among the team and towards others. Externally, respect for human rights, labor laws, fair competition, and environmental considerations are the guiding principles in its choices for outsourcing, procurement, and end users. It is an enabler of energy transition that creates value for customers and enables them to realize their ambitions.

Sustainable Future

Mr. Tunyan believes that the global solar market is booming and is expected to reach 2,3 TW output by 2025. Recom has been investing in the industry for the last 15 years and is continuously driven by technology innovation. He says, “Currently we are upgrading our factory in France with Industry 4.0 technology and we’re very proud for the new, state-of-the-art machinery to be installed and further expand our capabilities.”

Solar power is playing a key role in the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy and as an industry leader; the company accelerates the transition to a net-zero future. With sustainability being the number one priority for RECOM, the company pursues and implements the most sustainable solutions. The company is strict in adherence to all EU rules and regulations from manufacturing operations and technologies to choice of production materials, waste disposal, and recycling.

“Power, Cost, Efficiency, and aesthetics are the factors we will continue to further develop, together with our long-standing partnerships and collaborations, to maximize global outreach of a sustainable ecosystem,” concludes, Mr. Tunyan.


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