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Singapore businesses will soon get contactless receipts as Rip Expenses enters the market in early 2021.

The fully automated solution completely eliminates the need for people to be touching paper receipts, going hand-in-hand with the rapidly growing desire for contactless payments.

One scan of the app and users can find their expense online, as it utilises QR code technology to code and justify expenses in real-time. 

However, the need for contactless expenses is not the only gap their application is filling.

The company, trading as Rip Global, is transforming the way businesses manage their expenses. The streamlined process saves customers time and money, while giving them full transparency, control and reporting of spend.

Singapore firms, like most globally, took a financial hit this year following the pandemic. In June, The Straits Times reported that 5,000 Singapore businesses borrowed almost $4.5 billion from government grants.

“People, now more than ever, need to spend their time on the things that matter within their business,” says Rip Global Founder and CEO Mel Gollan. “We are here to help them do that.

“Businesses that are focused on efficiency won’t want their valuable staff performing expense reporting when they could be growing sales or delivering value to their clients,” she says.

Gollan reverse engineered the entire expense management process after wasting her valuable time on it for over ten years.

The solution provides full control and visibility at every step of the process, with tamper-proof data direct from the source.

“No ‘junk in junk out’ here. Just pure, clean aggregated data, untouched by the human hand,” she says.

All receipts are permanently stored in the cloud and can be retrieved immediately. In other words, people can say goodbye to storing piles of faded paper receipts for seven years.

To have such an efficient and transparent process, the purchase data must be acquired directly from the merchants point of sale (POS) system. 

Rip’s technology is globally unique as it integrates directly into POS systems. So neither the merchant, nor the customer need to handle a paper receipt again.

Singapore POS provider, Raptor, is already building an integration with Rip Expenses. The development will give them access into 5,000 merchants throughout APAC.

Two Raptor-enabled Singapore restaurants have already put their hands up to pilot the unique solution. 

The Exchange and Dallas Bar and Restaurant are both renowned for being business hubs in central Singapore, and will be the first to offer their customers the solution.

Dallas Bar Owner Jason Pope says the best part is that it is fully automated and keeps you 100% compliant every step of the way.

“I’m joining Rip Expenses as it solves a common problem for our guests – claiming their business expenses,” he says. “They get sent directly to their accounts too, it’s brilliant.

“To be honest, I think Rip Expenses is going to fly in Asia,” says Pope.

The company has engineered a solution that will serve everyone at the table.

“We’ve got something really great on our hands and we are ready to share it with the world,” says Gollan.

“Our goal is to give back our customers their time and money – that is what I would’ve wanted.”


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