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Rajiv Srivastava, Founder and CEO, NextGen Shopping Pte Ltd

The competition among the retailers continues to grow drastically amidst the outbreak of COVID-19. With the wide range of choices and high customer service standards, modern shoppers are more demanding more than ever while businesses are striving to find new ways to satisfy their needs. Today, getting ahead in the market is no longer a matter of posting quality products and descriptions. To stand out in the market, online stores need to be more creative and actively adopt innovation. One such company that is enhancing the experience of online shopping using the latest technologies is NextGen Shopping Pte Ltd. The company was established in 2015 with objectives of development in the era of AR, VR & Mixed Reality. It develops and implements technologies for 3D reconstruction and visualization and makes it available on most viewing devices. It provides a ‘Touch & Feel’ experience for online products. It also offers 3600 view for all the products using Reality Technologies. NextGen Shopping is enabling businesses worldwide to showcase their products online with the latest in imaging technologies and enhancing the online shopping experience for all consumers.

Since its inception, NextGen Shopping has rendered its services to several fortune 500 companies worldwide. Rajiv Srivastava, Founder & CEO says, “Being initial level users of the technology, which hadn’t completely matured when we started operations. We have seen a huge growth in the way the infrastructure surrounding AR/VR and Mixed Reality and it has taken a turn for the good.” The company’s expertise has helped its clients to deliver exciting experiences to their customers and the number has grown to multifold. With the further adoption of cutting-edge 3D Technologies, NextGen Shopping envisions 3D Based online shopping to become a regular part of individual daily lives in the near future.

The Singaporean company deals with clients of all sectors who demand high quality of work performance and visibility of their products in 3D. It provides a surreal buying experience to clients and highlights the products in the most creative way. According to Rajiv, the major challenges faced by the clients are the touch and feel of the product and showing specifications of products features while selling online. To reduce this gap and minimize the velocity of challenge between the seller and the buyer, NextGen’s AR & VR technologies make their product in 3D, irrespective of their sector. It offers its clients products and services that incorporate the latest technology in the offering.

Work Culture

NextGen Shopping has full faith in its workforce. The company is abided by the rules and regulations and believes that every employee is important. It aims to create a lot of job opportunities for talented youth. “We have a majority of youngsters working for us and we provide relaxing and flexible working hours and a healthy environment,” shares Rajiv. He adds, “We respect and celebrate every religion, caste, gender, and person. We believe that the personal life is as much important for an individual as professional life, so we do not disturb them on weekends.”

Expanding Horizons

Like all successful companies, NextGen Shopping has a vision for innovation, growth, and expansion. The company aspires to be one of the best technology companies in the world to specialize in Web-Based 3D reconstruction, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. It aims to achieve it by focusing on performing better than its competitors and offering more to the clients in every possible aspect.

NextGen Shopping’s future goals are to increase its dimensions and the company is working day and night to achieve that with its upcoming new projects. The two upcoming projects are:

  1. Daddy3D – It is a 3D Content platform that allows artists to publish, share, sell and even collaborate on 3D content worldwide. This platform aims to make it easy for any Game Developers, Animation/VFX Companies, and even Product Advertisers who need 3D Models of their products for print media and even upcoming AR/VR Experiences, to get the content they need to deliver their experiences by 3D Professionals from around the world.
  2. DigiStyler – It is a Virtual try-on app that allows fashion shoppers to try on the clothing they wish to purchase on a 3D Avatar that looks exactly like them. The shoppers can also try on more than one product at a time. “We envision that this product directly reduces the number of returns and directly helps to create more,” says, Rajiv.


“New products are getting added to our website every day. The NextGen team ensures that maximum of our products are available with 3D views for the viewing convenience of our customers.” – CROMA

“We exist in the consumer electronics market for a very long time. Using the technology from NextGen we can display our products with futuristic looks.” – GEM India

“The snack bouncing out of packet effect is amazing. NextGen has made it look good on the screen but to taste it you need to buy one for yourself!” – ONE MORE


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