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Melanie Koerperich, Founder and CEO, Milrich Virtual Professionals LLC

To sustain a professional enterprise over time, a tough challenge comes from within. As companies perform their primary activities for their customers, additional responsibilities arise as well. These include administrative tasks, financial maintenance and marketing, just to mention a few. These are unfortunately labour-intensive, monotonous, and time-consuming. So, providing quality services to their customers externally as well as taking care of such responsibilities internally becomes a tough challenge. 

One of the best answers here is to delegate such internal responsibilities to able and qualified individuals. Traditionally, businesses would hire new employees dedicated for such tasks. But today, we have a smart alternative: virtual assistants. This is an emerging trend in the modern professional world. Thanks to the power of modern technologies, individuals can provide their assistance to businesses anywhere in the world virtually. This working style brings many advantages to both parties involved like stability, job security, convenience, and peace of mind, just to mention a few. 

In this context, Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC is one of the beloved virtual assistance providers today. The company was established in 2011 in Colorado, USA, by an experienced professional and entrepreneur, Melanie Koerperich. In her previous job, she had been an executive assistant who took on many roles and responsibilities at a major hospital in Wyoming, USA. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, she was relieved from this job. This became the turning point in her career. “I vowed that if I was going to work that hard for a company again, it was going to be my own. I also wanted to create a legitimate work from home environment for parents of special needs kids, military veterans, spouses and professionals with physical disabilities amongst others,” Melanie, the founder and CEO of the company, says. 

Tracing the Growth of the Company

“When I first started, I was working for one client, who told 2 friends, who told 2 friends and it grew to the point I was working 80 hours a week. So, it was time to start bringing in help. It started with a few friends looking for some extra hours and after landing a larger contract, it was time to get serious. We formally became a company in 2011. Thus, Milrich was formed,” Melanie says.

Through her company, Melanie offers employment opportunities for certain groups of the American community like parents of children with special care needs, physically challenged individuals, military veterans, spouses and similar others. She guides them to work for companies in need of support services for their everyday internal responsibilities relating to maintainence, administration, finance and many more. By allowing such individuals to perform businesses’ mundane, monotonous and labour-intensive tasks, they enable clients to do their primary activities.

With time, Melanie was fortunate to be hired by a financial advisory coach. She became deeply involved working for the financial industry. Her client then introduced her to a financial wholesaler coach. This helped her business grow greatly. She could offer her virtual assistance services to many new clients i.e., major financial institutions throughout North and South America. Similarly, the company’s VA clientele has also been growing steadily with time. 

Quality, Timely and Reliable Virtual Assistance for All Delegable Tasks

“We work with solopreneurs, small businesses and major financial institutions as well as US federal, state and local governments. We provide a lot of back-office support for our clients around the world. Our clients need someone to provide additional support to them to help fill in the gaps in their need,” Melanie explains. 

“CEO’s need to know what to delegate and what to keep. It is stressed that we, as CEO’s, do only what we can do, so we help business owners delegate those tasks that can be handed off. So, we tell our clients and prospects to – let us do what we love so you can do what you love,” Melanie says. 

The company employs proficient, capable, and experienced individuals as virtual assistants to help their clients. Thanks to a flexible work from home approach, they have freedom and energy to provide quality, specialized and dedicated care for their clients. They can take care of nearly any and all clients’ responsibilities that may be delegated encompassing administrative, planning, scheduling, financial, payroll, bookkeeping, marketing and so much more.  

“We provide administrative, human resources, marketing, web, scheduling, and bookkeeping services. For our administrative clients, we take care of contracts, calendar, inbox management and more. For our HR clients, we do resume review, hiring, policies, online orientation, training platforms and employee surveys. For our marketing clients, we do marketing strategy, social media post design, email marketing, marketing videos and so much more. For our web clients, we design and manage websites. For our scheduling clients, we provide remote scheduling services. For our bookkeeping clients, we do QuickBooks management, accounts payable and receivable and bookkeeping services,” Melanie describes some of her company’s services. 

A Glimpse into A Bright Future

The company is in fact a woman owned small business. They are firmly rooted in five values. One, to deliver the best quality services through integrity, excellence and knowledge. Two, to have accountability by taking responsibility and ownership. Three, to encourage personal and professional growth. Four, to care for and support each other. Five, to have a sense of social responsibility. Thanks to such excellent professional values and a commitment to help clients through quality virtual assistance, the company has been successful. 

By consistently helping a variety of clients through excellent quality virtual assistance services, Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC has become a distinguished virtual assistant brand today. Their services are available to virtually any business around the world. Today, many clients including entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as well as private companies and government groups love the company’s services. 

Here is one of the company’s many happy customers, sharing their feedback: “Milrich and Melanie came in during a high pressure season and worked with me to accomplish a number of personal projects that I just needed to get out the door. Their flexibility and responsiveness made hiring them a great choice,” Dr. Donald J. Patterson, a Professor at a Major California University says.

“We are expanding our services to offer digital courses, education videos. We are expanding our line of planners, trackers, and journals in our shop. We are expanding our offerings to our government sectors as well. We are actively working to improve the culture at our company. Although everyone works remotely, we want everyone to feel welcome and included. Our big vision is to be named one of the best places to work remotely in the United States. We are very excited to see where the next decade takes us,” Melanie concludes.


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