CYFIRMA: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with a Comprehensive Intelligence Driven Approach


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The past few decades have seen an astronomical adoption of technologies accelerating business communication and operations. Today, we have reached a point where technologies are the core aspect of the business, and any technical glitch or disruption can potentially halt the entire business operation.  Even with advanced technologies supporting businesses, the risk of disruption and theft of trade secret doesn’t go away; amongst the business concerns, cybercrime is right at the top.

Choosing the right partner to help prepare against cyber threats is paramount for every business. CYFIRMA is a cybersecurity company that provides predictive, relevant, and prioritized cyber threat visibility and intelligence products and services. Its award-winning cyber intelligence analytics platform (CAP) helps organizations by effectively identifying potential threats and providing deep insights into their cyber landscape. It amplifies preparedness by keeping cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient, and ready against upcoming cyber-attacks.

Powered by real-time aggregation, correlation, and analysis of threat information from diverse sources, CYFIRMA helps organizations anticipate the types of cyberattacks that are most likely to occur and provides the most effective recommendations using proactive multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical cyber threat visibility and intelligence to manage cyber risks.

Helping Organizations Address Key Gaps in their Security Landscape

Headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo, CYFIRMA was founded in December 2017 by a visionary and cybersecurity expert, Kumar Ritesh, company’s Chairman and CEO. After working for over two decades across various facets of cybersecurity, Mr. Ritesh identified three fundamental gaps in the global cyber threat intelligence market:

  • Current cyber intelligence companies are only focused on operational intelligence, missing strategic and management intelligence which also plays an important role.
  • We are still reactive; something happens somewhere, presented as intelligence to you today. Intelligence should provide proactive cyber posture management by identifying threats at the planning stage of cyberattacks rather than at the execution stage.
  • Lack of analytics platforms which can combine data from multiple sources; provide deep insights and predict cyber risks in one single view.

CYFIRMA’s focus, therefore, has been to build a cloud-based Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP), which is the backbone of the company’s predictive intelligence capabilities.

The differentiated salient features of CAP are:

  • Predict attacks that are most likely to occur in an industry and client environment.
  • It incorporates cyber-threat visibility with threat hunting, automation, and orchestration capabilities in one platform.
  • Delivers real-time insights into emerging threats, attack motives, and methods
  • Multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical cyber threat visibility and intelligence; ability to seamlessly integrate into an organization’s security strategies, policies, processes, procedures, security controls, and people.
  • A unique approach to present cyber risks and threat indicators at the planning stage, versus the execution and exploitation phase of a cyber-attack.
  • Provide a comprehensive and correlated client view of potential cyberattacks, incidents, vulnerabilities, exploits, technology, industry, and data leaks in a singular view.

CYFIRMA was formed as a part of Antuit Group – spotting big opportunity in the cyber analytics market. After the initial success of CYFIRMA, Goldman Sachs and Zodius capital invested $15M in the new venture giving it an extensive operating and research funds.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Threats

Traditional approaches used by organizations of creating walls and layered defense have not worked. The prime reason why the current cybersecurity posture is failing to address risks and threats organizations are always looking inwards without understanding the nature and scope of the threats originating from outwards. CYFIRMA addresses this gap by providing hacker’s/outside-in view to organizations. It is achieved by utilizing an extensive set-up of over 900+ virtual agents embedded in the deep/dark web and hackers’ forums. These automated programs silently listen and capture conversations between hackers for client names and industry.

The company then applies its five analytical engines, powered by AI/ML, to process the collected data and provide cyber actionable insights using three-layered cyber threat intelligence offering:

  • Strategic Intelligence indicates the who and why of cyber threats; it enables customers to understand applicable threats, vulnerability, impact, and most importantly, the risks to the organizations. This should be integrated into business strategy, investment decision, resource allocation, governance, and risk management function.
  • Management intelligence provides insights into the when and what of cyber threats; it allows us to integrate insights on threat actor campaigns, attack mechanisms, and tools into internal processes like security policies and procedure, compliance process, incident management process, compliance, change, configuration and release management process.
  • Tactical intelligence is how part of cyber threats and it should enable SOCs to respond to cyberthreats proactively, supports day-to-day detection and response to improve the enterprise’s cyber posture by using malicious IP, malware signatures and mutex and malicious domains, etc.

Sharpening the edge of insights available with clients, CYFIRMA’s Predictive Intelligence and early warnings are what makes this leading cybersecurity company stand apart.

Kumar Ritesh says, “Our threat visibility and intelligence suite of products and services are at the core of enterprise risk management, cyber advisory and consulting services, managed security and digital risk management.” He adds, “We provide brains to information and cyber security function, Risk management, Regulatory and Compliance verticals to provide a holistic intelligence-driven approach to cybersecurity.” The company has also signed alliance partnerships with multiple IT service, consulting, and cybersecurity organizations in Japan.

CYFIRMA will be releasing an enhanced version of its Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) by the first week of August 2019. The new CAP product suite covers seven cyber modules; Threat Visibility and Intelligence, Situational Awareness, Cyber Incident Analytics, Cyber Education, Cyber Risk Scoring, Brand/Individual Cyber Risk Monitoring, and Cyber Vulnerable Analytics. Mr. Ritesh says, “Our goal is to achieve truly predictive threat visibility and intelligence capability, and seamlessly integrate intelligence into all functions of cyber posture makes us unique.  We will continue to invest in the product research and development to be able to provide truly automated threat visibility and intelligence suite of product and services. In the future, our goal is to expand our market reach across the globe and be among the Top 5 Cyber Intelligence Driven Products/Solutions Providers on a global scale.”


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