How digital influencers can improve your business


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Differentiating yourself in the market, and standing out from the competition are challenges faced by entrepreneurs from all branches. In connected times, the mission seems even more complex. The new digital context requires specific strategies. And a good bet is influence marketing, whose digital influencers are the main characters. But who are they, and how can they add to your business?

Keep reading our post and understand how digital influencers can become ambassadors for your company!

What is Digital Influencer? 

First, it is necessary to clarify the concept of Influencer. The English word refers to the person who has the power to influence people, that is, he can provoke a reaction and/or build opinions. The digital influencer does all that but on the internet. So, we can say that the Influencer can help you sell your product, or promote your company/service. That’s because if the influencer tells their contacts that they know and approve of your product, your leads will increase and, consequently, your sales.

Why digital influencers are so important for businesses? 

Nowadays, consumers have access to a multitude of information to make purchases. Bombarded by advertisements from all sides, they often question the authenticity of conventional advertisements. This is exactly where digital influencers become practical resources in outreach strategies. When they issue an opinion, they convey the truth. They are seen as reliable individuals, examples to be followed. Spontaneity, sincerity, and credibility are the elements that make people trust what they are recommending. 

Betting on digital influencers can be a great digital marketing tactic to achieve your company’s goals. For instance, a post on Instagram can help promote your product to thousands or even millions of people. However, knowing the profile of each influencer is essential to carry out efficient dissemination. This is because each one is popular for specific subjects and themes addressed in their social media. It means saying that searching and finding the content that best fits your company’s proposal is extremely important.

How to choose influencers correctly? 

If you are clear about the multiple benefits that an influencer can bring to your company, it is time to ask yourself which influencer would be best for you. This point is the most complicated of all, to the extent that 75% of the companies that have collaboration agreements with them recognize that it has been difficult for them to find a good influencer. Deciding on a collaboration of this type is very important, and several points must be considered:

  • You have to find an influencer whose social mass of followers is as close as possible to your target audience. And it is of little use to promote yourself to the thousands of followers of a person if none of them is interested in your products or services.
  • Look at the number of followers on Instagram, as well as on other social networks, and if they are real; analyze the engagement of the posts, such as the comments, such as the dialogues between the audience and the influencer.
  • Check if it is authentic, or not which means having its peculiarities and style even if it is within a niche.
  • Analyze the images and videos that it publishes because the one who produces the agreed content is usually the influencer and not the company that hires.
  • Search for sponsored posts and see how the influencer works with other brands.


The work with digital influencers has been gaining more and more space, mainly due to public acceptance. The influencers’ tips are almost like advice from friends, which greatly increases the increase in engagement and, consequently, their conversion rate. 

So, are you ready to start your strategy with digital influencers?


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