How to use Social Media to promote businesses


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How to use Social Networks to promote business? It is a question asked by all those businessmen, entrepreneurs, and managers of SMEs who consider starting their journey in the world of online marketing. 

Well, the answer is, Yes, definitely it’s possible to sell more using social media marketing. But not directly, at least, not as straightforwardly as is done all too often. The presence of a business on Social Networks doesn’t mean simply, bombarding users day after day with the benefits of its products, sharing random photos of kittens, personal reflections, and messages of Good Morning! And happy weekend! 

Using Social Networks to promote your business should not be considered as an isolated action. While considering Social Networks, to start promoting your business through social networks you have to have a very clear strategy, a plan and time to develop it. Thus, getting started with social media marketing can be quite intimidating for new marketers, so here are some tips to promote your business effectively on social platforms. Take note!

Share educational material 

Did you know that 73% of your prospects are not ready to buy at the moment of contact? People are not going to buy your products or services just because you say it is good, first, they have to go through a learning process in which they are convinced that you are the best option to solve their problem. Educate your client!

If you already know what their frequently asked questions are, go ahead and make a video where you answer all their doubts, or if cameras are not your thing, write in a blog, share your knowledge and build an online reputation.

Invest in Online Advertising

Today most purchasing decisions are made online, and you have to be where people are. Advertising on the Internet is an excellent option to reach your target audience since you can show your ad only to a segment of people who have certain demographic, location, and behavior characteristics. 

The great advantage of investing in advertising on the Internet is that it is cheaper, and you can control your investment. While in traditional media, you have to pay large sums of money regardless of the result. With online advertising, you can measure visits, clicks, downloads, forms, etc. Everything is under your control, which allows you to make better decisions when making new investments. Whether you decide to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, or invest in other types of digital strategies, you must have a well-defined Marketing plan to achieve satisfactory results.

Choose the right social media platform

Before promoting something, you have to know very well what type of social network is the correct one with respect to what your business promotes. Promoting something on Facebook is not the same as doing it on LinkedIn, and not knowing the difference can cost you dearly. Pay special attention to the type of content you generate and share because if you usually use it on any social network, you are making a severe mistake, and your followers will realize that you are so little interested in what they think. Each follower has a preference, so someone who uses Instagram more than Twitter does not want to see the same content on both social networks and vice versa.

Create a specific image

No one will follow your profiles on social networks if they do not know who your company is and what it does. So take the time to create detailed profiles with an individual image that demonstrates your business mission. Include the basic and essential details such as your company’s website, appropriate cover and profile photos, as well as some extra details such as addresses or phone numbers. If there is space depending on the social network — include some information about the company and what it does.

Interact with your audience

It is essential that you know what your audience wants and that they feel heard. Things like contests, Q&A, surveys, promotions, etc., can be the difference when it comes to positively impacting your audience versus a negative impression that your posts can have if they are only promotions without any other purpose. Remember that the public tends to follow people or entities for which they have a special interest, so it is essential that you know how to show them that you are also interested in them and that it is not just a company without human feelings or sympathy.


If you are from a tribe that doesn’t believe in the power of the internet and, mainly, in social networks, it’s time to change and open your horizons. Everyone is on the internet! The best part is that advertising on the internet is still cheap compared to what you pay for in a television or radio commercial or printed newspaper ad.


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