Indonesia emerges as leader in implementation of AI technology in APAC Region


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Indonesia has emerged as a leader in the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the Asia-Pacific region, a study conducted by US-based market research firm Forrester Consulting on behalf of Taipei-headquartered technology firm Appier revealed.

The study is titled ‘Artificial Intelligence Is Critical to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific’ and it surveyed eight countries in the Asia Pacific region. It aims to throw light on the trends in adoption of AI technology across the Asia Pacific.

The study surveyed 260 IT leaders and businesses involved in the decision-making process of installing the latest technologies such as AI. The respondents of the survey represented the financial services, telecom, IT, insurance and retail industries across eight Asia-Pacific markets – China, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

As per the study, 65 percent of respondents in Indonesia stated that they have had either implemented AI in their business or were upgrading or expanding their AI capacity.

The study found out that nearly 53 percent of the respondents across the region reported that the biggest challenge they faced was in the adoption of AI technologies as well as in the collection and integration of big data.

This shows that businesses and organizations are still grappling to deal with the rising volumes of business data even over a decade after the term big data was first invented.

Following Indonesia, China emerged as the second leader in the implementation of AI technology at 63 percent. India emerged as the third leader in the implementation of AI technology at 62 percent, followed by South Korea at 57 percent. Singapore ranks fifth in implementing AI at 50 percent, followed by Japan at 47 percent and Taiwan at 44 percent.

However, the study found out that the differences in implementation of AI are poised to reduce in the subsequent year as a higher number of respondents in developed economies in the region are aiming to implement AI technologies over the subsequent 12 months.

At 32 percent, Australia has the highest number of respondents who intend to implement AI technologies, followed by Singapore at 31 percent and Taiwan at 28 percent.

AI provides business and organizations with two types of benefits:

Operational benefits: better risk prediction, greater scale, more efficient business processes

Customer engagement and experience: better information into consumer behavior, faster innovation, better products and services

Of the two benefits, companies across the Asia Pacific region expect to benefit from the implementation of AI in business operations. As high as 71 percent of the respondents pointed out improved business efficiency as the benefit they expected the most from the implementation of AI technology, while 62 percent of the respondents anticipated enhanced products and solutions.


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