Impact of technology in various industries


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Every day you wake up to an alarm call and start running on a treadmill. Meantime, the geyser is ready with its lukewarm water; after taking a shower and when you get ready for the office, a car is already waiting for you at the doorstep to pick up.

Does this sound weird? No. Technology has blended into our lives so seamlessly that we hardly even realize its significance in our daily life.  From the smart phones we carry to the GPS that guides us as we navigate from one place to the next, this is how technology improved our lives.

All this is to say that new technologies are developing quickly and continuously, and society is adapting rapidly to these constant developments. Let us analyze various industries at which advanced technologies help people to improve their life standards and benefits of technology.

Health care industry

Technology has brought a good deal of remarkable changes in the health care industry over the years. It has changed the industry in a way—from massive paper documents to the digitalization of medical records, from a stand in queue cash billing procedures to online money transfer, and from complicated medical procedures to ease of workflow.  Some of the key technologies employed in the healthcare industry include electronic health records (EHR) to facilitate diagnosis and treatment, Telemedicine or Telehealth to advance healthcare based on telecommunication technologies, and remote monitoring tools to save the money of the patient.   

Educational industry

A traditional classroom reminds us of blackboard, chalks, textbooks, and teacher. But, this system is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Powered by new technologies such as   smart bulletin board, artificial intelligence (AI), and online tutoring services, the education landscape has been evolving. 

Through its pace with technology, students in this generation are able to access teachers, syllabus, and online exercises through the internet beyond classroom boundaries. This change is happening steadily, and we could never envision such a growth before a few decades—thanks to new technologies.

Communication facility

Advances in technology have led to the birth of many modern methods of digital communication, such as social networking websites, social media platforms, and online news portals. This radical change has brought a great alter in communication technology by eliminating time and distance as an obstruction in communication.  

Today we communicate, update and socialize through a swipe at the fingertip. This sophistication has been beneficial to many aspects of life. That includes relationships, fast-news update, and virtual interactivity or virtual communication (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc). 

Transportation facility 

While keeping pace with the fast-moving frantic world, people are seeking advancements in each sector to facilitate or accelerate their lifestyle. This has influenced the improvements in the transportation system (online ticket registration, electronic and digital payment, and automated vehicles), and now the changes have blended deeply into our everyday lives. Besides, with the arrival of Google Maps, many online transportation networks like Uber have received a wide acceptance across the world. 


The bottom line is that technology has made life better. It has undoubtedly made our day-to-day tasks much simpler and unproblematic. It also helped us in expanding our knowledge base significantly.


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