IHI Corporation: Providing Complete Warehousing Support


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Mito Domain, CEO, IHI

A majority of people slip into the way of thinking that it is easy to build warehouse management systems. This cannot happen overnight as Rome was not built in a day. Yes. A wide range of technology and extensive experience in everything from information systems to material handling facilities is necessary to build warehouse management systems. IHI Corporation is one such company, established in 1853, carries with it a broad range of experience and the only company in the industry able to create the IHI-WMS (warehouse management systems). This system achieves a new kind of warehousing, bringing fulfillment and satisfaction to business.

What is all about IHI’s warehousing management system?

IHI’s warehousing management system (IHI-WMS) is a system software package that supports the management of logistics warehouses, streamlined operation, inventory control, and appropriate warehousing based on analyses, evaluations, and forecasts. It is accessible to anyone. IHI Corporation has two warehousing management system, namely IHI-WMS Standard and IHI-WMS Enterprise.

Roles of IHI-WMS Standard

  • Enables real-time monitoring of progress

Warehouses encounter several situations every day such as increases and decreases in inventory, emergency shipments, and changes in orders. IHI-WMS enables real-time monitoring of progress that allows businesses to take quick and appropriate action.

  • Linking materials handling equipment with WMS

IHI provides materials handling equipment that matches every customer’s operation method and links it with WMS.

  • Increases the accuracy of inspection

Wireless handy terminals read ITF codes that are checked against the data for scheduled arrival, thus increasing the accuracy of inspections. The software designed for warehousing monitors the incorrect arrival of items, incorrect number of items, and use-by dates. The warehousing software warns when use-by dates of items arriving are earlier than those of items that have already arrived.

“Our IHI-WMS Standard software provides total warehousing support and helps businesses carry out efficient warehouse operation,” says CEO of IHI.

Roles of IHI-WMS Enterprise

  • Understanding operational costs

The activity-based costing (ABC) analysis of logistics is the best method to understand operational costs. WMS’s measuring mode allows the operators to easily measure their operation time, making the ABC analysis of logistics easier.

  • Increases motivation and operational qualities

Showing achievements and goals on the display increases the motivation of operators and improves operational qualities like error and damage rates. Based on individual operational history, target operation time and operation time records are indicated.

  • Operations can be simulated

On the basis of tomorrow’s operation plan and today’s inventory, the WMS can simulate operations for the next day. Operations that do not allow a second chance, like changes in the allocation of seasonal products, can be simulated with the WMS to identify the influence of such operations beforehand.

  • Linking attendance with the WMS

Earlier, attendance management used to be carried out separately from the WMS using handwritten documents or timecards; now, it can be completely digitalized by linking it to the WMS.

  • Identifying excessive or focus products

On the basis of operation history, this system carries out activity-based costing (ABC) analysis of inventory, thus identifying excessive or focus products. This system also supports optimum inventory levels. In particular, optimum inventory allocation is carried out by assigning receiving shelves in a way that considers the ABC analysis.

“Our warehouse management system is smarter than any other warehouse management system in the world,” proudly says CEO.


IHI Corporation is deeply committed to contributing to society through technology by combining diverse engineering capabilities to meet expanding global needs for energy, urbanization, and transportation efficiency.

“We are working in such a way to create value for our customers,” says CEO.


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