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The private sector is a very significant portion of the global economy. But despite being “private”, the private sector of each nation is answerable to its government. Thus, each private company, corporation and for-profit business needs to pay taxes to its government, each year.

But almost all private organizations find tax-related responsibilities as quite challenging. In addition to the stressful and burdensome nature of the modern professional life, taxes can become complex, cumbersome and monotonous. So, there is a dire need to ease or to simplify the complexities within taxation procedures.

Fortunately for private organizations, there are ways to overcome these tax-related challenges. The best possible answer maybe to consult a reliable accounting firm or tax service provider. As tax-related work may easily pile up, private organizations can save lots of time and energy just by seeking help from experts – for instance, those using the cloud tax software offered by iBiZZCloud Sdn Bhd.

iBiZZCloud Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s leading tax software service providers today. Their mission is to simplify and to alleviate the complexities within modern taxation procedures through specialized software products. Their products greatly help tax professionals like accountants, auditors and tax agents to manage taxation procedures much more easily. Further, they incorporate the latest in technology to create innovative software products to really ensure that their customers receive the best quality software available.

Simplifying Tax-Related Challenges through Innovative Solutions

“We help tax professionals save time by developing specialized cloud software to simplify their tax preparation work. Our principal activities are research and development of cloud tax computing software as well as providing services to the accounting and taxation industry,” Ms. Serene See, the CEO of the company, states.

iBiZZCloud has recently developed iBiZZtax Cloud – the latest version of its original tax computing software with an additional cloud computing capability. This reflects an emerging trend in the general accounting and taxation industry today: embracing technological advancements. The company had first offered an innovative tax computing software 13 years ago. But having realized that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing could improve their software greatly, they’ve redeveloped their software with additional capabilities to help their customers even better for now and the future.

“The uniqueness of iBiZZtax Cloud is the ability to integrate the modules of tax, secretarial, accounting and audit. This is the first-of-its-kind in South East Asia. This will significantly reduce the time spent by the users. Being an offline taxation software provider for the past 13 years, we are now the one and only cloud tax preparation solution provider. We have also proven ourselves to be one of the most reliable, stable and well-accepted company with users spread throughout the whole nation,” Ms. Serene says.

Through iBiZZtax Cloud, the company supports their tax professionals in several ways. Thanks to their software, they can save lots of time, perform their tax-related work from anywhere easily, their sensitive information is well-protected against cybercrime and they can safely store their data. Overall, this software immensely helps tax professionals to perform their tax-related work very easily. For example, it can help Malaysian citizens to transfer reports and e-data to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia in just a few clicks.

Further, customers only need to pay per use because it’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) easily available through the internet. The SaaS model ensures that customers can easily start using their software without any installation process or investing in costly hardware. Being a SaaS product provided through cloud technology, it’s scalable and thus, it can easily meet the requirements of all sizes of companies.

A Trusted Name in South East Asia’s Taxation Industry

Thanks to providing innovative and helpful services consistently for years, iBiZZCloud Sdn Bhd has become one of the most reliable and valuable tax service providers of Malaysia today. Plus, their success is partially because of immense care and focus on their customers. “Our strategy starts with a focus on our clients, we listen and understand their challenges. We then use technology to develop innovative solutions to solve their problems and help them prosper,” Ms. Serene says.

The company’s significant contributions to tax professionals as well as the accounting and taxation industry at large have been recognized many times as well. It has received the ‘Emerging Golden Eagle Award of 2019’ and the ‘SME 100 Malaysia Fast Moving Company’ award, just to mention a few.

Considering the future, iBiZZCloud wants to continuously explore the latest in technology to help tax professionals even more. With hopes of becoming a key player in the tax software industry, they have an overseas expansion plan as well. They have also been selected by the Malaysian government under the ‘100 Go Digital’ coaching program for the year 2021. They will work with government officials to develop the nation as an attractive, high-technology and valuable digital economy. Thus, they want to encourage the digital transformation trend within in the nation.

“We are continuously seeking to develop our cloud solutions. We also want to collaborate with the South East Asian countries as well as FTA partners towards our Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Plan,” Ms. Serene summarizes.


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