Huawei Releases Boundless Computing Strategy and Solutions


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On July 6th Huawei released the Boundless Computing server strategy and series solutions in Beijing. The strategy focuses on industries’ requirements for digital transformation, and outlines Huawei’s next 5-year innovation roadmap for computing. The release underscores Huawei’s commitment to creating greater, tangible value for its customers. Huawei delivered a systematic interpretation of the server strategy and business positioning. Also at the release ceremony, Huawei launched the V5 series solutions. The solutions include the all-flash SAP HANA appliance solution, big data application acceleration solution, edge computing for smart video analytics solution, and G series heterogeneous computing platform.

Boundless computing includes optimizing computing for applications and bringing computing closer to data sources, to unleash the full potential of computing. It also includes pushing beyond the boundary of servers, and enabling DC-level resource pooling and on-demand provisioning, to boost the overall computing efficiency of data centers. Moreover, it requires going beyond the boundary of data centers, enabling smart access, and taking computing even into the data sources, to smarten up data at the remote end. Huawei vows to continuously invest heavily in server R&D and create greater value for customers.

At the release ceremony, Huawei, along with customers and partners including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tencent, SAP, and Microsoft, discussed the challenges to current computing development and the countermeasures. They jointly released the Huawei FusionServer V5 with Five Major Smart Features.

“We will see an even more diversified variety of computing forms in the future. This will pose enormous challenges on computing platforms,” said Diana Yuan, President of Enterprise BG Marketing and Solution Sales, Huawei. “Huawei’s Boundless Computing server strategy focuses on the digital transformation of industries and aims to drive greater, tangible value for customers through efficient computing. Huawei has been endeavoring to create innovative, competitively differentiated solutions for our customers. We value win-win collaboration with our partners. We work closely together to build a healthy, robust ecosystem, and enable our customers to lead the digital economy era.”

“A fully connected world is unfolding, and computing will be the pivotal force behind everything,” said Qiu Long, President, IT Server Product Line, Huawei. “Cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing computing, and we are now arriving at a new starting point of computing. The Boundless Computing strategy is about rethinking the road to a fully connected world. Huawei forges this new thinking with tremendous boldness and audacity. That includes unlocking the full potential of computing, going beyond the boundary of servers, and extending further beyond the boundary of data centers. In this way, we strive to continuously improve computing efficiency, and lay the cornerstones that are instrumental to a fully connected world.


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