Healthy work culture: why it matters


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When talking about the different aspects which make an organization a good place to work, the conversation always rotates around two primary factors, which many of us bear in mind— brand value and compensation paid to employees. Most senior personnel and professionals also believe in the same. They also accept that these are the two elements which attract talents to an organization. But this is not entirely true. 

There is another crucial attribute, which we often fail to give due importance. And that is Work Culture. Work culture is referred to the shared values, belief system, attitudes, and the set of assumptions that people share in a workplace. It is an impalpable ecosystem that makes some places awesome to work and other noxious to even survive. In an organization, work culture is the deciding factor which retains and binds employees with the organization. 

Let’s take an example. We all have heard about a trendy search engine “Google”. But is Google just a search engine for finding the latest movies, getting directions or searching for amazing gifts. The answer is undeniably “NO”. Behind that popular search engine, there exists a real company, with real workers. And it is famously known as a great place to work. So, what makes Google an awesome workplace? The obvious answer is its healthy and supportive work environment. The company offer a host of facilities to its employees—from bonuses to meals to trips to parties. Besides, to fight against challenging situations, it grooms employees to develop their skills and knowledge through different programs and training. 

According to researchers and top most leaders, healthy work culture is always preferable in the business landscape. It has numerous benefits for both individual employees and the business as a whole. 

Here are some of the most common benefits of nurturing a healthy work culture in an organization .

  • It defines a company’s identity

In an organization, it’s not sale’s figure or high revenue that describes the organization’s identity, but is the work culture which defines it. 

The way company prioritizes setting and meeting goals, its employees will more likely to follow the same. So, for the company and its employees, work culture is a good way to set and maintain the direction. Without it, it’s hard to keep their value coherent. 

  • It helps organization to retain employees

Employee attrition has a high impact to a business. With increased costs for recruitment, hiring, and training, it also positions the company in a bad shape. Giving value to employees for their contribution towards business is very important. It not only generates a positive attitude in them but also makes them loyal towards organizations. This helps a company to retain employees and bind them with it.  

  • It is a key parameter for building company’s reputation

Companies with healthy work culture attract talented employees to the organization. It spread the company’s positivity and thereby raises its reputation. Moreover, it creates a strong customer base because customers like to buy products from a reputed company. 


These are just the smattering reasons which show the value of healthy work culture in an organization. There is no single rubric for a correct company culture.  It differs from company-to-company. So, one needs a consistent and strong set of values to create a healthy work environment if one wants to remain competitive in the near future.


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