Virtual Consulting International (VCI): A Trusted Name in Business Transformation


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In today’s fast pace business landscape, prioritizing evolution strategy has become indispensable for firms to stay relevant in the market. Organizations are increasingly leveraging digital technologies and strategic business solutions to continuously accelerate their businesses and improve their revenue and profit margins.

One company that caught our attention in the provision of Strategic Business Solutions is Virtual Consulting International (VCI). As a global consulting firm specializing in Digital Transformation, Strategic Management, Organizational Design & Development, and Innovation Strategy, VCI enables organizations to evolve and continuously improve their value propositioning in the market. At its core, VCI business is a strategy, innovation, and technology consultancy. Graeme Stanway, Co-founder of the Company says, “We work with organizations at every stage of the value chain to design long-term solutions to complex strategic and organizational challenges. In particular, we have successfully designed and executed digital strategies for a wide range of companies for over a decade.”

The company’s global reputation as ‘visionary thought leaders’ is backed by results-driven strategies and sound implementation. It consists of a team of industry experienced professional consultants that provide the most creative and forward-thinking strategies enabling long-term success to its clients. Using diagnostics tools to identify the levels of maturity in digital technology and innovation, the company provides benchmarked solutions to help its clients realize their innovative potentials.

With offices in Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Park City, and Munich, VCI’s mobilization of top talents has been the key in delivering exceptional results to every client. The company deals with clients including the leading global corporations in the mining, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, agriculture, municipal and e-commerce industries.

The Journey of VCI as a Reliable Service Provider

VCI was established in 2006 following the founding partners’ successful stewardship of the Rio Tinto Industry Leadership strategy project and were key co-architects in the growth strategies that grew Rio Tinto into the global mining company it is today. It quickly established a global reputation as a leader in strategy, innovation and architectural design in the mining industry. VCI led the world’s largest open innovation consortia into drilling technology for deep, underground ore-bodies, facilitating innovations on a whole-of-ecosystem level in between 2010 and 2017.

VCI founded the State of Play, one of the world’s best research group for strategy and innovation for resource industries. State of Play surveys and interviews leaders across the industry globally to answer complex long-term challenges faced. VCI also co-founded Decision Next, a leading cloud-based, decision Optimization Company based in Silicon Valley in the year 2013. It developed a strategy for the world’s first digital mine in Europe in 2015.

The VCI group also includes VCI Capital Management (VCM) which is currently raising a venture capital fund from both corporate and institutional Limited Partners (LP) that is focused on technological innovation of capital-intensive industries. “VCM will invest in innovative equipment; technology and service start-ups that are seeking disrupt, transform and digitize capital intensive industries such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, infrastructure, utilities, and industrial chemicals,” says Mr. Stanway.

Having worked with senior leaders in fifteen out of the top twenty listed mining companies worldwide, VCI has successfully expanded into oil & gas, utilities, and manufacturing sectors. Today, VCI stands as a leader in resource industries, helping its clients to navigate in the rapidly changing market through long-term strategic decision-making.

Enabling Continuous Growth through Digital Transformation

In today’s digital economy, existing business models and process are subject to rapid disruption and displacement. Companies hit a plateau at a certain point of their growth and their offerings can get outdated quickly if they don’t have a strategy to recalibrate their growth and directions.  They have to invest heavily in optimizing their existing business processes for productivity improvements. Re-assessing and tweaking certain thing is crucial to stay relevant in the market. VCI believes in this and it helps businesses to navigate with the right strategy in the complex market.

By leveraging its experience and latest technologies, the company guides its clients for digital transformation. Taking a holistic approach and considering every aspect of the business and the market, the company helps its clients in creating and implementing a successful digital strategy. “Digital transformation starts with an assessment to establish a ‘one truth’ and is followed by a proper vision, strategy and overall method for effective change management throughout the organization,” explains Mr. Stanway.  With that approach, the company has been the source of knowledge and a catalyst of growth for organizations across the world. He also reveals that the best digital transformation outcome is experienced when clients take the time to have an in-depth understanding of the full scope of the opportunity, while it is least successful when digital transformation becomes an IT systems integration project.

Enabling Innovation through Collaboration

Innovation is central to VCI’s DNA. Since its inception, the company has been very successful in working with firms to push the boundaries of their services to create more values for their customers. “The VCI model is not to sell innovative products but to co-design and develop capabilities with clients,” explains Mr. Stanway. VCI recognizes that it does not possess all knowledge in-house and hence, it works with a global expert network to provide insight innovation and strategy from industries such as mining, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The experts at VCI work together to bring out the most innovative solution. It provides an exciting as well as a challenging work environment for the consultants who deliver high-quality works and lasting satisfaction to the clients. VCI has completed over 200 projects for over 60 companies over the past decade across seven industries, including nine of the largest resource companies in the world.

As the APAC region cements itself as the top regional powerhouse in the global economy, VCI is set to expand its clientele and serve new clients in the region by leveraging its global expertise and local knowledge. Mr. Stanway says, “We are energized by what we see in the region and want to work with the clients to ensure their own growth trajectory is robust and sustainable.”


  1. Digital transformation starts with an assessment to establish a ‘one truth’ and is followed by a vision, strategy and effective change management throughout the organization.
  2. We work with organizations at every stage of the value chain to design long-term solutions to complex strategic and organizational challenges.


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