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Few years ago an article that appeared in Harvard Business Review proclaimed that data scientists have the sexiest job in the 21st century. However, experts are now predicting that automation and AI will take over the traditional roles of data scientists. But that doesn’t change the significant role of data science in business. The fact that innovators and tech leaders are investing in advanced data science by leveraging powerful technology such as AI further proves how vital the field has become in today’s business.

The success of a business, to a large extent, depends on how well a company manages its data. Having insights into customer behaviors and patterns is paramount. Service providers can truly fulfill the demands and desire of the market only if they have a clear understanding of the customers. In a data-driven world, the importance of turning raw data into valuable insights can hardly be overstated.

As a company that truly understood the value of data, early on, StarHub has developed itself into a competent provider of data analytics service. With an intelligent and proven methods of data gathering, integration, and analysis, StarHub delivers valuable consumer insights to businesses in retail, transportation, entertainment, tourism, commercial establishment, marketing, amongst others.

By leveraging its expertise in telecommunication, StarHub delivers a firsthand consumer insight that enables businesses to provide excellent customer service and gain a competitive edge in the market. “We are passionate about co-creating innovative solutions that capitaliseson our telco-centric datato help our clients stay ahead in the market,” says Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief, Enterprise Business Group at StarHub. Branded underSmartHub, these innovative solutions leverage on near real-time, anonymized data from millions of data points which include TV channels, web surfing, footfalls to map and identify consumer travel journeys, usage behaviors and patterns.

The data relating to people, places, and pattern, are collected, integrated and analysed by SmartHub’sexperienced data scientists to help businesses connect better with their customers. For instance, mall owners use the insights to understand the travel pattern and behavior of visitors at their premisesthat are vital in meeting customer expectation and improving their shopping experience. Another example is byunderstanding the behavioral traits of peoplewho use Starhub’s roaming network within Singapore, companies in travel and hospitality can create more targeted campaigns that maximize revenues. StarHub Consumer Business also leverages on such data and insights e.g. online surfing patterns of targeted consumer segments, to develop and enhance service offerings for their own consumers.

By augmenting existing data with additional data points and insights, SmartHubenables organizations to make better-informed and timely decisions. Getting hold of a comprehensive view of targeted consumers provides factual checks instead of acting on prevailing perceptions that might not be accurate.

Going Beyond the Ordinary

SmartHubgoes beyond the basic geo-spatial estimation and demographics profiling that typicallyinclude gender, ethnicity, age and nationality group. The key technological advantagesare:

  • Cross-screen Proprietary Insightsthat are derived from user behaviors that cut across mobile, TV and Internet via different devices.
  • High Definition Geo-LocationInformationAugmented with Demographics Profiling.Grid-based analytics are deployed on travel path and transportation method withmobile browsing and application usage behaviors, as well as dwell locations are used in conjunction with mobile subscribers’ information to make inference on demographic segments and psychographic segments.
  • Qualitative Research and AssessmentforFine-Tuning oftheAnalytics Modelsbased on real world ground truth gathered through consumer panel surveys. This process is supported by a structured data analytics framework

These capabilities are delivered through the four flagship productsofSmartHubnamely: Consumer360 (consumer profile), Grid360 (location, commute and dwelling), DeepSense (online profile) and LifeSphere (psychographic behavior).

Beyond the commercial sectors, StarHub is making a huge impact on the Government and public service areas. For instance, Grid360 had been used to address public health operations and vector-borne disease transmission. The cross analysis of areas where hotspots of vector-borne disease occurrences and people flow enables the prediction of new hotspots and analysis of the micro-segments at risk.

Disruptive technologies, changing consumer preferences, and increasing complexity of data present a challenge to the traditional business models. SmartHubis delivering the solution that brings clarity and accuracy out of the complex data world. The genuine desire to help, the ability to adapt quickly, the interest to learn new ways, and the passion to dissect the complex data have been the major factors for the company’s excellent service.

StarHub continues to integrate powerful technologies, bring fresh ideas and expand its networks to help its business clientsimprove customer experience.With the venture and expansion into new capabilities in Infocomm Technologies (ICT), Digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018, the company is confident that it will continue to be the trusted technology partner for businesses to ride the digital transformation wave. Dr Chong says, “We are strategically unleashing the power of our telco-data and harnessing the potential of AI and IoT technologies to create new and innovative solutions that fulfil our customers’ needs.” This selective focus on a few core areas such as facial recognition technology could be a game-changing strategy for the dynamic Singaporean company.


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