Fujitsu RunMyProcess Expands Globally with New Cloud Platforms in North America and Australia


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Fujitsu RunMyProcess Expands Globally with New Cloud Platforms in North America and Australia
News facts:

  • Fujitsu solves digitalization headaches for customers worldwide by enabling the fast build-out of connected business applications
  • RunMyProcess platform helps organizations transform working approach with end-to-end digital user experiences and automation spanning cloud, on-premise, and mobile systems
  • Number of RunMyProcess users continues to rise rapidly around the world

Fujitsu America, Inc. today announces the global extension of its innovative digital Platform-as-a- Service, RunMyProcess®, with the addition of new regional cloud platforms in North America and Australia, in addition to existing platforms in Europe and Asia. The capacity increase will help support and address the growing digital transformation needs of organizations with strong regional compliance requirements for data sovereignty, regulation, security and low-latency.

RunMyProcess is a native cloud platform that allows organizations to quickly and securely build, test, deploy and scale device-independent applications that connect digital business processes across cloud, on-premises and mobile environments. With RunMyProcess, organizations can model and streamline even the most complex business processes while also integrating existing systems and services – whether cloud services like Office 365 or on-premises solutions such as SAP – with smartphones, tablets, PCs, wearable technology and other mobile devices. As a result, users enjoy a seamless experience – anywhere, anytime. The platform’s pre-built connectors allow customers to develop connected applications faster, deploying them within days rather than months, as well as quickly scaling to thousands of users.

Dr. Yuji Takada, CEO of Fujitsu RunMyProcess, says: “RunMyProcess has been experiencing rapid year-on-year growth as customers worldwide leverage our platform to transform the way they work, extending enterprise systems and processes to interface with the people, software and things of the digital world. RunMyProcess ensures that organizations can easily connect digital processes and deliver truly integrated user experiences with minimal development effort. What’s more, we enable fast innovation, as these applications are up and running within days. Since our focus has always been on solving our customers’ problems at the front line of digital transformation, we are now extending the RunMyProcess platform to all four corners of the globe, adding even more digital capability.”

RunMyProcess currently serves more than 500 customers around the world. These companies span a wide range of industries including government, defense agencies, retail, and manufacturing and utilities as well as service-oriented verticals such as financial services and healthcare.

RunMyProcess provides solution for digitalized end-to-end processes

HomeServe USA1 is an example of how RunMyProcess digitalized end-to-end processes for the introduction of new products. RunMyProcess worked closely with this leading provider of home emergency repair services to co-create a new central process flow, supported by seven sub-processes and connecting 21 cross-functional teams. HomeServe USAenjoyed faster time to market, more scalable operations, greater control and lower regulatory risks as well as real time visibility of product status.

Helen Boyian, Product Operations Director at HomeServe USA, states: “We wanted to use digital technology to create a more accurate, efficient and scalable business that could sustainably absorb market growth. In addition, we were looking to minimize risks and optimize efficiency. Existing manual processes were becoming stretched to the limit, with a lack of cross functional visibility and control putting the business at risk and delaying growth.”

Pricing and availability

RunMyProcess is available globally with a choice of regional data centers. Local deployments in Australia and North America are now available both directly from RunMyProcess and Fujitsu local sales teams. Pricing varies according to subscription and country.


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