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Jennifer Lauretta, Founder & Chief Technology Innovation Officer, 360 Degree Digital

Globally, the digital transformation market is in expansion mode as businesses realize that going digital is fundamentally changing how they operate, enhance brand equity, and deliver value for their customers. 360 Degree Digital is one such company that combines unparalleled business knowledge with the agile development process to offer distinctive support for small-medium businesses and enterprise IT enablement.  

The Inception Tale

Incepted in 2013, 360 Degree Digital started as a media and communication business in the first year. It delivered information, data of the mass media communications industry such as print media, publishing, the news media, photography, cinema, broadcasting (both radio and television), advertising, responsive web, tablet, and mobile design. The company had a transitional period moving away from traditional media to digital media for marketing.

The business model of 360 Degree Digital was pivoted for the first time to rich media and programmatic marketing as well as another form of social media digital marketing in the second phase of the company’s incorporation. Mobile apps design and development businesses were booming during 2013-2015 with the influx of high demand from corporate clients to have their business apps build and published on Playstore and App Store. The gold rush for businesses to gain mobile app presence was a trend overnight. Due to the mobile-first strategy adopted in the consumer market, mobile marketing and mobile app development became an indispensable source of revenue for the company business.

The next pivot of the company business model changed again in 2016 and it focused on a different set of customers by positioning a company into a new market and vertical. Although the journey of the transformational road to change was bumpy and painful, it was the change that was necessary for the business continuity. The company began to work on many different scopes of service design transformation projects across enhancing productivity processes and infrastructures.

Jennifer Lauretta, Founder & Chief Technology Innovation Officer of the company says, “The wide spectrum of the competitive landscape in service design makes it hard for us to manage the workflow—the industrial sectors are so huge, and it becomes crucial for us to find a niche area in technological advancement that we want to concentrate on.”

Coincidentally, when Jennifer participated in a business missionary in China, she was amazed by China’s new Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing technology and was immediately inspired that Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the answer to her long-haul search. The more she made the user-centric logical connection and design customized solution for each service design transformation project, the more she realized the scalability of the Internet of Things is boundless when combined with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and other technologies.

Embracing Advanced Technologies

Traditionally, IoT devices were all about collecting data. The idea of 360 Degree Digital was to create an intricate mesh of connected devices that constantly relay critical network information to admins. For businesses that leverage AIoT, it creates real value for true automation of manual tasks; systems were able to make autonomous decisions, boosting productivity and efficiency, optimization of processes to the point of reduction in marginal transactional costs, better customer management, and communication with advanced bots and speech recognition. And helps customers get a better product experience with deeper insights and data analytics. The predictive learning capabilities that train algorithms to execute redundant user-end tasks such as ordering for refills or monitoring system health are taken into account of the behavioral patterns, personal preferences and personalization becomes key pointers in deploying AIoT.

According to Jennifer, having an intertwined relationship between IoT and AI will help organizations move to the next level. Now that AI and IoT have individually marked their presence in the digital world, many IoT app development companies are moving towards AIoT for managing IoT connected devices with artificial intelligence techniques. The next wave will be 5G technology.

The ardent entrepreneur shares some insights for businesses who want to get ahead in the game: “In this era of 5G, the AIoT technology will only be enhanced further where it will connect every object, people, and machines in a more meaningful way.”

Future Roadmap

“At 360 Degree Digital, our purpose is simple: to initiate changes and make the world a better place to live and grow sustainably. Seven years ago, we began as a small design agency that sells traditional media and communication solutions,” says Jennifer. As the founder of the company, Jennifer has segmented the company’s development roadmap into two parts. They are interconnected with the expansion of AIoT solutions, but come in different forms—Building Sustainable Smart Home and Smart Cities for better living as well as Eldercare Healthcare Technology for the silver generation as the senior population growth is placing increasing pressure on health and social systems with shrinking resources.

The company aims to inspire the world by showing it is possible to simultaneously deliver transformational changes to customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and the community in a long-term, sustainable way.

Currently, due to the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic, 360 HealthTech became an immediate contact point of the platform in global aid to deploy anti-COVID19 pandemic solutions for humanitarian initiatives addressing world health risks and emergency pandemic issues using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data technologies.

The business portfolio of 360 HealthTech offerings are on healthcare technological related consultation to healthcare organizations and institutions, works on bringing innovative technology solutions to boost the management of the community’s healthcare issues, particularly the aging population.

“Another business portfolio expansion, 360 Smart Home, will help our nation to integrate AI into every heart of Singaporean’s home where the core of family units lies. This initiative will allow us to embark on our successful journey towards building a smart city by creating a better life with intelligence,” says Jennifer.


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