Financing tips for new entrepreneurs


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For many people who start their businesses on their own, it can be a bit difficult to take care of certain aspects. Money management is one of them. It is a field that many have tedious and above all difficult to tackle and control. Taking into account that a good number of startups end up failing before their first year, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to the issue of finances. 

Many times the deficient management that is carried out on the financial resources of a company is the main cause of its closure. And it is that in your own business, the responsibility and commitment are even greater. What happens is that it is no longer just about your money and your future, but also that of others if you start having employees! In any case, you should always keep in mind that business startups can be slow. At first, the expenses are going to be much greater than the earnings, and you may feel that it is not working. 

Thus, in this article, we will share with you some financial tips for entrepreneurs that will undoubtedly help you face the challenge of effectively managing your money more clearly.

Calculate your total investment 

If the business is starting, the entrepreneur must know what was the amount invested initially. Knowing this data will help to obtain the return on investment calculation, that is, from when the profits obtained will offset the values ??that were applied. All expenses must be considered – acquisition of machinery and raw materials, registration with the competent bodies, hiring of labor, renovations made to the property where the company is located, etc. Because of this reality, the entrepreneur will also be able to establish adequate production and sales goals.

Organize and control finances 

It is essential that the entrepreneur is organized and makes daily control of finances, through cash flow. Create a spreadsheet where you can record all income and expenses that involve the business. No values ??should be omitted. Make daily reports, as they will be able to assist you in this organization. The registration done in an organized way allows identifying unnecessary expenses and reducing costs.

Make Planning

Entrepreneurship is not like a recipe for a ball, because there is no recipe for success. However, when it comes to failure, there is almost always one reason: lack of planning. To obtain great results the company needs to be very well planned. And this happens through Strategic Planning in which the entrepreneur builds the entire cultural identity (mission, vision, and values) of the company, current, and future scenario, goals, and action plans so that all goals are achieved. 

A strong strategic planning allows the company to focus on results through the quick identification of errors, thereby improving the quality and quantity of sales, thus increasing the company’s average ticket and profitability. There are many methodologies for creating strategic planning and the idea is to have the help of someone trained who can offer you support.

Corporate finance is not personal finance

 It is necessary to separate the two things. A very common mistake in new businesses is the fact that entrepreneurs treat their personal finances together with the company’s finances. Do not transfer company capital to your personal equity. Indeed, the manager’s personal organization will directly influence the company’s finances, but the two cannot mix.


The last point, but no less important, is the patience and patience, and persistence that the entrepreneur needs to have to achieve success in business. Because entrepreneurship does not happen overnight, that is, until you start to see the results you need to invest, dedicate yourself and carry out your actions with consistency both from the inside company and from the outside company.


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