Ethics Insight: Building Solutions to Simplify Compliance and Improve Cost Saving


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Rupert Evill, Founder, Ethics Insight

Today, enterprises are seeking globally consistent solutions for the challenges created by various regulations. Enterprises are witnessing many new trends in regulatory implementation and enforcement in the recent years. As global regulations multiply and become more complex, organizations are exposed to a higher degree of compliance risk. This lead to a rise in IT costs spent on complying with regulatory requirements. But with the implementation of the right technology and the best practiced-method, enterprises have significant potential to optimize cost savings as well as simplify compliance.

Headquartered in Singapore, Ethics Insight helps firms to implement best practice compliance and risk management frameworks across over 30 industries and sectors. The Company also provides ethics and compliance advice to sectors including service, technology, manufacturing, government, and non-governmental organizations.

The Inception of the Company

Earlier, FCPA was the sole concern for enterprises. But now, there is an active enforcement of international and domestic regulations around anti-corruption, human rights, anti-money laundering, trade sanctions, and fair competition. Many under-resourced in-house teams need external assistant to help them instantly focus their resources where they are needed the most. Traditionally this was done by travelling around the world conducting interviews, surveys, audits, external review. Ethic Insight was started to address this complex process. Mr. Rupert Evill, Founder of Ethics Insight, explains, “I founded Ethics Insight to leverage technology to achieve the same result at a fraction of the financial and time cost.” He adds, “Our platform helps clients achieve in a few weeks what used to take 6-24 months for 20% of the cost.”

Mr. Rupert Evill has 18 years of global experience managing risks, ethics, compliance, and crises across many industries. He has deep expertise in managing frontline risks, delivering training, conducting intelligence-gathering operations, investigations and managing acute crises.

He created the Ethics Insight platform to address the need for agile, simple, cost-effective ethics & compliance advice and support.

The Ethics Insight Platform: A One Stop Solution

“We help save time and money, prioritize where resources are most needed, and provide advice that is pragmatic and realistic,” says Mr. Rupert Evill.

The Ethics Insight platform is a risk assessment, monitoring, coaching and implementation support tool, all available in one place. Through a targeted initial assessment, it helps the clients to prioritize where to start. It also provides data and reports to help them monitor and compare the performance across their business. In many industries, the frontline staff in the most challenging markets can lack the experience to address the gaps identified. This platform includes succinct guidance, distilling tomes of regulatory best practice, to help them move from minimal or moderate to adequate, quickly. The company also provides downloadable content, including procedures, training content, assessment tools, investigation resources and more to speed-up the implementation dramatically.

The company’s motto to deliver better services for its clients is “Listen, Deliver more than you promise, Be transparent, and Be realistic.”

“The biggest thing I’ve learned over the years working with hundreds of different people across cultures and sectors is that transparency trumps style.” says Mr. Rupert Evill. He assures, “We are clear about what we do, how we do it, when we can do it, and crucially who will actually do it. No smoke and mirrors.”

On Tract to be the Go-To Organisation

Ethics Insight comprises of a team of disruptors who are constantly working for the best possible solution for the clients.  The ethics & compliance advisory space consist of people doing things in long-form such as audits, reviews, surveys, analysis, and reports. Mr. Rupert Evill says, “We are ready for in-person advisory work that is targeted on precise areas where genuine and deep expertise is required.”

The company strive to be the go-to organisation for agile, concise, clear, and realistic ethics & compliance advice. Mr. Rupert Evill expresses, “We want to get clients 80% of the way to best practice in 20% (or less) of the time and cost of traditional monitoring and risk assessment options.” The Company is on track with this as it continues to adopt the best technology and distil it ever expanding ethic and compliance services driven by solid business values.


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