EFL (Expo Freight) A Guiding Light in the Ever-Changing Supply Chain Industry


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Working in logistics is challenging. Logistics service providers collaborate with a wider network of partners, regulators and customers to ensure the timely transport and delivery of products to end-users.

The only way to build consumer trust and loyalty is to cater to their changing needs. Along the way, logistics companies who adopt a time-sensitive approach stay ahead of the curve and make full use of opportunities.

‘EFL (Expo Freight)’ shines brightly as an example of a successful logistics company in Asia. It was established in 1983, in a humble 500 sq. feet office in a major transport hub of the historic Maritime Silk Route, Sri Lanka. From its start as a five-member team, its strong competency in freight forwarding propelled its growth. The company’s freight operations began serving international buyers and pioneered advances such as the launch of sea/air multimodal transportation for wider markets.

EFL, with a sound understanding of different nations’ customs and rules, has overcome challenges in limited infrastructure markets to still meet the demands of global brands. In doing so, it broadened its horizons with its flexible and personalized services to now be among the top 35 global logistics players.

Its ability to deliver custom solutions punctually and its steady global expansion rooted in South Asia is making EFL a globally recognized leader in supply chain management industry. In under four decades, it has built a strong global presence in more than 18 countries in Africa, Indian subcontinent, Middle East, North America and South East Asia.

Mr. Hanif Yusoof, founder and president, says, “Our global expansion in South Asia in the 90’s certainly defined our future as one of the most promising logistics players in the market.” The biggest sourcing markets were in the APAC and EMEA regions and we were there moving with the customers as they grew.

EFL depends on the latest technologies to assess data to help improve many business aspects. Its in-house technology experts combine technology and applications to allow clients to track and proactively manage products at any point in its global distribution network.

EFL allows clients to focus on their core competencies by taking care of every logistical need by elaborate and customizable solutions. Their solutions cover the entire spectrum of supply chain management including freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, third party logistics and door to door solutions.

Its new EFL Global Freeport (the first commercial freeport in Sri Lanka) and outsourcing capabilities with a strong attention to detail, further assures businesses that all their logistics needs are tended to. EFL also helps customers overcome emergencies (such as airport closures and strikes) to improve speed to market and ensure smoothly working logistics.

EFL is highly efficient as it makes the punctual delivery of products its topmost priority. Its diverse team of more than 2,300 employees proficient in key logistics issues works to realize even higher levels of creativity, reliability and punctuality.

Mr. Hanif tells, “To further ensure high levels of service, we have established Key Account Managers who facilitate client services by working with an international network that ensures documentation, delivery and compliances are on point, at all times. Maintaining strong relationships with carriers has helped us collaborate further, to device the best-suited solution for our customers.”

Mr. Hanif adds, “In addition to this, we maintain adherences to international standards, compliance, security, key performance indicators and ensure they are uncompromised and factored in as the foundation of our operational requirements.”

EFL invests in maintaining strong relationships with investors, partners and customers. Its clientele includes some of USA’s leading brands and retailers of clothing, electronics, perishables and pharmaceuticals that trust them.

Mr. Hanif tells, “With an industry-expertise of over 35 years, our presence in some of the largest sourcing markets, our ability to keep our customers informed of the respective situation and make informed-decisions by keeping in mind, a customer’s best interest at heart, we strive to maintain a strong customer relationship and continuously look for ways we can improve ourselves as a logistics solutions provider.” 

Mr. Hanif says, “EFL made history in 2016 by being among the first to facilitating cargo from India to Bangladesh via the BBIN Motor Vehicle agreement and more recently facilitating the first bonded Cross-Border Land-Air Transshipment across the two countries.”

Mr. Hanif shares thoughts concerning their future, “With a myriad of technological advancements, as of today, we at EFL are moving towards providing end-to-end visibility to all our customers and being a fully integrated supply chain solutions company.”

Now, EFL is investing in utilizing tools such as Big Data Analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance its predictability and visibility as it works towards becoming a top global logistics service provider.


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