Why is it essential to implement e-Signature in businesses?


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Today, I will take you through a small tale. And that’s of Harry — a manager in a large IT outsourcing company. Undoubtedly, Harry is one of the very dedicated and hard-working employees of his company. But, when it comes to fun during the weekend, Harry becomes energized and plans everything in advance. 

It was the story of last Friday. Harry planned great stuff to do at the weekend. But at the last moment, before moving for the intended adventures, Harry’s senior assigned a few important tasks to him, which included signing numerous contracts and sending documents to clients. Harry found this as a big challenge because he did not have efficient resources and time to complete those assigned tasks and that’s too before setting off for home. 

Fortunately, someone told Harry about a professional electronic signature application. After hearing about its benefits, he immediately incorporated the application in his work and reviewed and signed documents in the digital form and then sends them to clients via app or email. This worked for Harry like magic. That was one of the happiest moments for him because he closed the deal successfully and within a fraction of minutes. Also, he wrapped up his work and set off for the weekend happily. This is how e-Signature functions and shows its magic. 

But, what e-signature is exactly? In a nutshell, an e-Signature or electronic signature is a digital form of a traditional ink signature which provides secure and seamless signing transaction with full user authentication. 

Here comes my second question, why businesses are in the need of adopting electronic signature? I am sure that there must be millions of reasons behind this. But few of them are listed below: 

  • Reduces cluttered paperwork: – It’s quite obvious that no one likes untidy paperwork. It involves lots of time and energy in arranging and managing paperwork. Also, it requires more storage space to store valuable documents.

With e-Signature, now, it becomes easy to manage these messy processes. You don’t have to think about storage space and also you don’t have to manage or arrange your documents manually. With e-Signature, every document can be stored digitally at one platform and can be accessed digitally. 

  • All-in-one application: – E-Signature accelerates the business process. Apart from just collecting signatures, e-Signature manages every aspect of operational function — from generating documents to collaboration and from execution to archiving. Hence, it provides every service through one platform. 
  • Cuts down the time and cost: – Time is very precious for every company and for every individual. By automating the entire process of signing and sending documents to clients, using tools like MS word, Dropbox and many more, e-signature plays major a major role in saving time, money and efforts of both: company and employee. 
  • Advances security and safety: – Do you think that your paper documents are safe? Are you sure that no one can steal it, misplace it, or destroy it? If not then it’s the time for you to implement e-signature in your business. The application is embedded with superior protocols to send, receive, and store all your electronic documents. Moreover, it has the option to record all evidences allied with signing transaction to ensure its authenticity and credibility. 
  • Eco-friendly in nature: – Do you want to make your business eco-friendly? Then, you must stop using paperwork immediately. Consumption of papers on a large scale not only involves cutting down of trees but also the usage of water. Shifting towards digital form can allow us to save our resources and environment too. 

Wrapping it up

I think these are enough reasons to incorporate electronic signature in businesses. What do you think? If yes then, without wasting much time, why don’t you immediately implement e-Signature in your business and experience its live benefits?


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