Datapel Systems: Providing Robust and Reliable Solutions for Warehouse Management


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Adam Wesley, CEO, Datapel Systems

Is there any system in the world that organizes and controls everything within one’s organization’s warehouse and make sure it all runs in the most optimal way possible? Yes, there exists a system—Warehouse Management, which can control and track the transfer and storage of materials in a warehouse. Datapel Systems is one such company in warehouse management developing solutions that are functional, robust, and reliable.

Developing Quality Software Solutions Since 2003

Founded in 2003, based in Perth, Australia, Datapel Systems is a recognized leader in the development of warehouse management and inventory stock control solutions. Datapel warehouse management solution is designed for growing businesses that need improved warehouse and manufacturing functionality. The company delivers advanced inventory management capabilities without the need to overhaul your existing accounting software.

Datapel warehouse management system (WMS) bridges the gap between your existing accounting software and advanced inventory management. Not only that, it lowers operating costs, increases productivity and drastically improves inventory tracking with multi-locations, multi-bin, batch/expiry, and serial numbers, guided pick/packing, and scanning/print barcodes.

Delivering Complete Solutions

Datapel Systems delivers products that provide complete solutions for order fulfillment, stock and warehouse management. The products are as follows: WMS Plus Edition, WMS Professional Edition, WMS Enterprise Edition, And Inventory Controller Xe.

WMS Plus enables the management of stock by the expiry date, batch or serial numbers. If an organization needs to manage stock movements across multiple bins, locations, or advanced handling of inventory-related data, WMS Plus is the best option for stock control integration with MYOB accounting.

WMS Professional Edition provides full stock & warehouse management and enables to allocate stock for order fulfillment over multiple locations. WMS Professional incorporates all the features of Datapel Inventory Controller with added ability to receive stock against MYOB purchase orders, manage sales and back-orders, track stock returns, and manage kits and packaging.

WMS Enterprise Edition is useful for the business involved in light manufacturing or production from raw materials. It incorporates the management of inventory not only for sales but also throughout the production process, giving precise control of an organization’s inventory of raw materials and finished goods throughout the entire business.

Inventory Controller XE is an affordable, advanced stock control and barcoding solution. It is also an advanced stock control system incorporating best-practice processes for managing inventory and warehouse. If an organization is looking for a cost-effective stock control solution for its growing business, it can utilize Inventory Controller XE as it delivers comprehensive features without the need to overhaul existing business systems.

“Our focus and commitment on best-practice system workflows and excellent return-on-investment have resulted in a range of WMS products that appeal to business owners and users alike,” says CEO of Datapel.

Providing Promising Benefits

Datapel is built for growing businesses to deliver maximum operational flexibility. The company brings several benefits such as maintaining a good accounting system, advanced inventory management workflow and integrates Cloud, eCommerce, EDI, and logistics systems. If an organization or business continues to grow, Datapel WMS delivers enterprise-level warehousing functionality allowing the organization to stay with its existing accounting system. Through advanced inventory management workflow, the company reduces costs, increases productivity, and dramatically improves stock tracking using multiple locations, bins, batch serial numbers, guided picking/packing with barcoding and business-grade phone, chat, onsite or remote support.

The company allows direct customer access with Datapel Cloud Services. It also connects directly to eCommerce websites using Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, and many more.

“With much integration, our solution becomes the business operations hub,” says CEO of Datapel Systems.


Datapel Systems aims at delivering customizable solutions to different needs of the customers. The products of Datapel Systems have gained recognition with MYOB® and Microsoft® because of its sincere commitment to improving the functionality of small business software.

“We are always happy to discuss how our solutions can be tailored to your business,” says CEO of Datapel Systems.


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