ADCO Construction: A Transformer in the Construction Industry


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Neil Harding, Ceo, Adco Construction

In today’s competitive world, most companies strive to remain competitive in the market in some shape or form. Some are successful, some fail. But those who are successful, they have one common factor —focus on building a robust and strong organizational culture. ADCO Construction is one of them. Established in 1972, this 50 years old company has been steered by family values, trust, and honesty. It has been committed to delivering quality services to its clients and people. This led the company to become one of the leading construction tech solution providers in Australia.

Today, ADCO consists of more than 3,000 projects under its belt worth a combined value of more than $8 billion. The company expanded its offices in six regions, serving the whole nation. With enormous experience and its award-winning capabilities, the company has made its way onto Australia’s list of the top 100 private companies in the nation.

Unprecedented Services

Neil Harding, CEO of ADCO Construction says, “ADCO aspires to be the builder of choice for our clients, our consultants, our contractors, and our people.” To achieve this, the company offers hosts of services, including extension, refurbishment and renovation, design specialties, construction management, and development advisory solutions for buildings and warehouses.

ADCO engages itself to provide financial surety to its clients and their financiers. Neil adds, “We maintain a policy of profit reinvestment and working capital management to ensure our balance sheet remains commensurate with the size of our business.”The company exceeds the financial requirements for licensing in each state and territory, for private and government projects. At present, ADCO has strong and liquid asset reserves and a blue-chip client base, which translates into consistent cash flow and profitability. Its audited financial statements are available on request.


Doug Zuzic, Chief Information Officer of ADCO says, “In the past, there was a strong sense of construction being allergic to technology. But, now the time has changed.” The company has started embracing cutting-edge technologies to change the way designers and engineers interact with site managers. It has created an inter-communication system with all aspects of its business to ensure seamless project completion.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

The world of construction and engineering are constantly advancing and they strive to keep up with the latest products and strategies. Due to their extensive connections, they have consistent access to cutting-edge building materials as they reach the market. Innovations in construction techniques are also high on their list of priorities, and they make every effort to learn such strategies as they emerge.

ADCO takes all necessary steps to match the pace of current trends and improve every facet of it as it has been doing from the beginning. The company ensures all members of their team are well versed in the effective execution of new strategies as well as the most efficient ways to incorporate new products into these practices. These standards are evident in their work, and their exemplary record of satisfaction proves clients appreciate those efforts.


“Our continued success lies in the strength of our client base and the diversity of the sectors we work in” adds Neil. The company’s ground-breaking solutions extended in different sectors including, retail, education, commercial, government, health and aged care, leisure, aquatic, and community markets. Its projects are provided through contractor, design and construct managing contractor and traditional construction methods of procurement.

As ADCO has its presence all across the nation, it promises to deliver projects from $1 million to more than $200 million anywhere in Australia.


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