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With the growing complexity and unpredictable nature of modern businesses, the need of the hour is innovative solutions and exposure of the best practices to the wider market. Lakeba, a Sydney-based startup and technology innovator, has come up with a unique business model that follows the entire innovation pathway from beginning to commercialization. “The structure of our business is fed by the philosophy of conceive, create and commercialize,” says Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO and Founder of Lakeba. The company approaches innovation as a reverse incubator, first uncovering and discovering business problems and then creating globally scalable solutions.

The company carries out multiple areas of development, leading to a number of active ventures, across a diverse range of industries. Lakeba intrinsically understands the context of the user, what the industry needs and how to scale these new technologies to a profitable use. This allows Lakeba to take a first mover position and progress rapidly with clients to commercialize and implement these new services. The blend of commercialization experience, technology, and development capabilities enables successful development of solutions and scaling these to markets across the globe.

Conceiving Growth

Started in 2013, the company has had consistent exponential growth in terms of the number of users and acquisition of talents. “Starting with ten, we have now grown into a company of 150 employees, with offices in India, Italy, UK and the US,” says Porcelli. Customers’ satisfaction and positive feedback are indications that a company is delivering value to its partners. Lakeba has secured positive testimonials in a number of its ventures including Ezidox.

Ezidox delivers transformative impact to the customers in the banking and broker industries.  The automation offered by ezidox has greatly transformed the productivity and efficiency levels of the customer’s business. Multi Award winning broker Bernard Desmond from Feedback Finance credited ezidox as the platform driving his business success and growth. Implementation of ezidox lifted his retail loan writing from $3M a month to $5M a month, all by saving him time and energy in collecting and archiving the essential customer documents.

Block-chain Against Fraud (BAF) is a powerful product for industries requiring validation of documentation and data. Today, banks validate customer pay slips by cross-checking with the employer. This is insufficient and open to human error and fraud. BAF greatly improves the validation process. It is a block-chain development that allows any bank to verify, in real time, specific documents such as pay slips, tax returns to make sure that it has been issued by the right source and with the numbers presented by the borrower.

Shelfie Stocking shelves is a time-consuming element for running a supermarket. Teams of people are required overnight, to make sure that everything is in place. With Shelfie, it is possible to detect what product lines have run out with a simple aisle scan. The device sends a report to the right point of contact, detailing what needs restocking and the quantity of stock. As a world first solution of its kind, it is now being piloted by five of the worlds’ largest global retailers. Using AI, the software is built from the ground up in partnership with Microsoft using their Azure platform, with AXIS Communications for the camera hardware, and with Zebra for their monitoring device.

Conceiving Innovations

The concept of innovation represents the ‘conceive’ part of Lakeba which is fed by two critical streams of input: combining a powerful algorithm and human to human engagement. Firstly, AI is used to collect inputs from the web, furbishing conversations and related forums to better understand challenges, and the sentiments of these challenges, the industry faces. Secondly, layering that intelligent data is the human to human engagement that enables understanding of what solutions are most urgently needed by the industry. The Future Hub is a visionary division with a focus on block-chain, Machine Learning, AI, and Quantum Computing. With Lakeba’s commercialization expertise, Future Hub exists to solve complex challenges across all industries, through the development and implementation of emerging technology solutions.

Lakeba’s Partners

Lakeba partners with some of the strongest tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, and legal blockchain expert Piper Alderman to develop innovative solutions.  Building and nourishing collaboration with other businesses and partners help Lakeba scale solutions globally, increasing credibility and visibility. Lakeba has a membership with the Australian Chamber of Commerce, German Australia Chamber of Commerce (GACIC), Wall Street Block-chain Alliance, and Macquarie University for the recently launched Block-Chain Commercialization Accelerator program.

Conceiving the Future

With one of the fastest growing blockchain development teams, Lakeba is known for being able to apply reverse innovation by harnessing the strength of global partnerships and deploying the creativity needed to get the solution to market.  As the company continues to grow, the LakebaFuture Hub will play a critical role in establishing a path for innovation around emerging technologies. “We will continue to drive a visionary mindset across the business in order to develop and create solutions to meet current and future challenges of our customers,” says, Porcelli.


“Lakeba approaches innovation as a reverse incubator, first uncovering and discovering business problems and then creating globally scalable solutions”

“Lakeba will continue to drive a visionary mindset across the business in order to develop and create solutions to meet current and future challenges of our customers”


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