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Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali, Senior Partner, Azmi & Associates

One may come across many difficult situations while starting a new business. For instance, while running a business, some legal situations can occur in which one may feel the need for legal advice. Even though many law firms are providing corporate legal service for businesses, one may have a doubt whether or not it is the right one because providing legal guidance is risk-oriented and not an easy task. Several organizations need sound legal guidance for their corporate objectives. Azmi & Associates is one such law firm that offers sound legal guidance integrated with practical commercial solutions.

The Inception and Growth of the Company

Started in 2000 with just four partners, seven associates, one trainee solicitor and two support staff, Azmi & Associates, one if the most trusted Corporate Legal Service providers, has grown to be one of the biggest law firms in Malaysia. Today it has with 19 partners, 59 associates, 23 trainee solicitors and 65 support staff.

Since 2001, Azmi & Associates has been Malaysia’s sole representative accepted into the TerraLex global network, one of the largest international worldwide networks of independent law firms, based in Florida, USA with more than 155 leading law firms and 19,000 lawyers in 100 countries.

The resources of Azmi & Associates extend globally due to the strength of its international alliances. The Firm participates actively in TerraLex network of law firms. It is a member in another legal network called First Law International (based in Europe) as well as ASEAN Plus Group, a network initiated to promote regional cooperation among well-rated law firms in the region. These networks have been a key element in the success of the firm. “We can mobilize resources quickly to serve your business interests within and outside of Malaysia,” says its Senior Partner, Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali.

Multiple Awards and Recognitions for Service Excellence

Azmi & Associates is the first and currently the only Malaysian law firm to have been granted with a license by the Bar Council of Malaysia to employ a Foreign Qualified Lawyer since 2018. Throughout the years, Azmi & Associates has been recognized and awarded on multiple occasions. Some of which are:

  1. ‘Law Firm of the Year 2019’ from ASEAN-MENA Counsel In-House Community;
  2. ‘Best Islamic Finance Law Firm 2016’ by the Global Islamic Finance Awards;
  3. ‘2016 Client Choice Awards (M&A Category)’ by the Asian Legal Business;
  4. ‘2015 Employer of Choice’ by the Asian Legal Business;
  5. ‘2014 Malaysia Law Firm of the Year’ by the Asian Legal Business;
  6. ‘2013 Winner for Lawyers World Annual Awards’ by the Lawyers World;
  7. ‘2011 Leading Lawyers (Banking & Capital Markets category)’ by the Islamic Finance News
  8. ‘2010 Top 12 Leading Legal Firms in MIFC Directory’ by the Bank Negara Malaysia.

 Areas of Specialization and Expertise

Azmi & Associates is a full service corporate law firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it functions as a one-stop center for legal services to meet various corporate needs of its clients. For cross-border transactions, the Firm could establish an instant connection with its international affiliates. The Firm participates actively in the Terralex network of law firms whose members represent most countries around the globe.

The practice areas of Azmi & Associates are as follows:

  • Corporate & commercial
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Capital & debt markets
  • Energy, oil & gas
  • Global financial services & Islamic banking
  • Private equity & venture capital
  • Litigation & arbitration
  • Employment & industrial relations
  • Intellectual property, telecommunication, media & technology
  • Competition law
  • Projects
  • Real estate
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Admiralty & shipping
  • International trade
  • Taxation
  • Government & Law reform

Case Study

Azmi & Associates had recently advised Lactalis Group, a French multinational dairy products corporation from France in their purchase of Nestle’s dairy business and relevant assets in Malaysia for a consideration of more than RM150 million. The Firm advised them on all aspects involved in the said acquisition, from its ground works to its completion because it was its client’s first business venture in Malaysia. This includes, among others, setting up a company, providing them local directors, applying for manufacturing license & trademark, and negotiating commercial transactions for them.

The Firm helps clients by providing sound legal guidance integrated with practical commercial solutions. The Firm mobilizes a large and integrated team of legal professionals and support staff to provide legal support for its clients’ corporate objectives.

Azmi & Associates gives importance to responsiveness, integrity and empathy. Based on these values, practical and innovative legal solutions are tailor-made to suit each client’s objectives in its range of practice areas.

“We believe that our success is measured by our clients’ success,” says the Senior Partner.

Establishing a Strong Team and Adopting a Proactive Approach

Azmi & Associates believes in giving each lawyer the right skills to succeed in the Firm. As such, the Firm continually invests in its lawyers and provides them with regular coaching and preparation to fine-tune their legal expertise and develop their legal practice awareness further.

“Many of our partners are integrated in the business community as board members of listed entities and financial institutions,” says the Senior Partner.

The Firm adopts a proactive approach in handling assignments and providing legal services. From the time an instruction is received from a client, the Firm’s lawyers will study the client’s organisation, including its structure, business concerns and previous activities. This allows lawyers to better understand the context in which the assignment is to be carried out and to find other areas where the Firm can assist the client. This approach would inevitably lead to the Firm being able to better assess, comprehend and anticipate the needs and requirements of its client, in relation to the legal service and also in other matters related to the client’s organizations.

“We have no choice but to earn the clients’ utmost trust by delivering high-value legal services at competitive rates,” says the Senior Partner.

Leveraging Technology and Enhancing Brand Value

Since technology has a significant influence on the Firm’s business operations, throughout the years, Azmi & Associates has continuously invested in technology in its practice system to make sure that it has the current tools to fulfill its clients’ needs. Each lawyer is provided with a laptop so that they can access the cloud software remotely even when they are outside for a meeting or attending court matters. For example, the Firm invested in cloud software where the members of the Firm could store and access all the relevant soft copies of documents from anywhere at any time of the day.

The Firm also adopts digital strategy and strategic corporate communication in its effort to gain market recognition and enhance its brand value.

Leadership and Values: The Firm’s Approach

The leadership method of each law firm is unique, and this would almost always distinguish one law firm from the other.

A partner, at all times, shall lead the team of solicitors assigned and shall have the ultimate responsibility over the assignment, making preliminary assessment on client’s requirements through maintaining personal contact and ensuring the delivery of the desired level of service.

More often than not, in handling an assignment, the Firm involves a team of solicitors rather than an individual. The Firm emphasizes the need to have many individuals in handling an assignment to ensure consistency.

Not only does this approach speed up the turnaround time, but if the need arises, the lawyers will also be able to handle multiple tasks for their clients.

“Our approach is very much partner-led and team-based,” says the Senior Partner.

Valuing Employees: Providing Equal Opportunity to All

Azmi & Associates is committed to developing a work environment and organisation culture that embraces inclusiveness, diversity and teamwork. Regardless of age, gender, religion or race, every individual is evaluated based on qualifications, capabilities and experience during recruitment. The Firm always ensures that each individual has equal opportunity to be recognised, respected and nurtured to be successful at what he or she does. The Firm always considers diversity as an important factor in strengthening its performance. Diversity is well represented even on the top management level in the Firm. The Firm understands the need for diversity and inclusiveness in its composition which provides the advantages of different views in seeking solutions to any issues and making the right decisions which are in line with the needs of clients.

The Firm values its employees and it provides them with continuous training to enhance their efficiency and productivity to better serve its clients’ needs with added value. The Firm invests heavily in human capital to create a happy and competent workforce.

“We realise that a happy and competent workforce makes a great organisation,” says the Senior Partner.

Sustainability of Azmi & Associates

Azmi & Associates’ corporate sustainability is based on the business approach that creates long-term consumer and employee value, considering every dimension how the Firm operates in the social, cultural and economic development. The Firm’s sustainability strategies entail the balancing of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

“Delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders has been an integral element of our work culture and strategies,” says the Senior Partner.

A Promising Future

Azmi & Associates intends to elevate its ranking, increases its partnership and lawyers’ base, grows to become a regional practice, continues to be a technology-savvy firm and becomes a leading national law firm.

With years of rapid growth at the forefront of the industry, the Firm aspires to be a world-class corporate and commercial law firm, providing integrated, innovative and comprehensive client-centric solutions globally by synergizing human capital, technology and best practices. The Firm also aims to open up more branches and offices within the region.

Azmi & Associates reiterates the continued commitment to innovate and undertake strategic measures to not only remain relevant in today’s changing market, but also compete at the highest possible level within Malaysia and hopefully in the region in the near future.

Azmi & Associates, with a long term plan for survival and prosperity, also continues its involvement in various Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities so that the society at large would benefit from its achievements.


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