2C2P: Addressing Customers Challenges with Unparalleled Solutions


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Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder, Group Ceo, 2C2P

In this modern world, customers are no longer dependent on in-store retail service providers to buy products. They have the liberty to choose products and the freedom to order them sitting at their home. They need a smooth shopping experience and expecting retailers to fulfill their expectations. These changes in customers’ behavior call for a huge transformation in the retail industry, which is not possible without the help of payment solution providers. From enabling retailers and merchants to provide omnichannel experiences to help them maximize business efficiency, payment solution providers play a pivotal role.

2C2P is a premier payment and technology solution provider that helps retailers and merchants across various industries to maximize business efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities. Founded in 2003, the company is one of the most trustable and leading payment solution providers across the globe. Headquartered in Singapore, it helps companies to accept payments from more than 620 million banked and unbanked Southeast Asia.

Unparalleled solutions

Unlike the other payment service providers, 2C2P’s core competencies don’t’ lie in one or two factors. The company provides a host of services including payment gateway, 123, easybills, Qwik, card issuing, 3-D secure, and payout service. It allows merchants to accept both, local and international payments through mediums including, credit card, debit card, bank channels (ATMs, iBanking, and mBanking) and cash acceptance via payment counters. 

A brief talk about 2C2P’s products

  • Payment Gateway: 2C2Ps payment gateway is a full-featured gateway that integrates seamlessly with customers’ online businesses and enables them to accept payments from all across the world. While providing customers a simpler and more efficient transaction processing, it helps them with streamlined forms, flows, and features.
  • 123: 123 is basically for those customers who are more concerned about online card transaction security. It helps customers to shop online without using a credit or debit card. Because of its unique feature, the product is widespread across Southeast Asia via a single API (Application Program Interface). At present, 123 is connected to more than 100 partners with 400,000 (and growing) payment collection points across SEA to enable prompt and easy payment collections.
  • easyBills: easyBills is an easy way of collecting and paying bills. With this, the company helps merchants and billers to avoid in-built credit or debit card acceptance mechanism on their website. Also, it allows them to issue digital invoices for their customers without the need to set up their own system.
  • Qwik: It is a peer-to-peer payment platform available through Facebook. It helps users to enjoy cashless, convenient, and secure options for transferring money between friends, buyers, and sellers on Facebook.
  • Card Issuing: Through Card Issuing, 2C2P businesses manage payments for suppliers, agents, service providers, or other business counterparties without the need for cumbersome wire-transfers or other expensive payment methods.
  • 3-D Secure: With the Three Domain Secure (3-D Secure), the company empowers customers to securely authenticate the cardholder before completing any online order on the merchant’s website.
  • Payout Service: With payout service, 2C2P helps customers to process and manage all payout activities according to their requirements.

Trusted by Clients

Trust and reliability are the two factors that the company believes are crucial for it to win the hearts of its customers. Hence, without compromising with the quality of products, the company focuses to deliver outstanding services to its customers, which is highly appreciated by them. Some of its customers’ testimonial includes, “2C2P can serve our needs especially of retail business because they have so many payment gateways that we can apply and approach our customers” says Ms. Suporn Raopitiwongkul, Senior Vice President, Finance and Account of MSIG”

Apart from winning customers’ hearts, 2C2P also won several recognitions: the company was listed in CS Insight’s Top 25 Global Payment Startups (2015), Global Fintech Company Trulioo’s Top 10 Cross-Border Payment Services in Asia-Pacific (2016), and many more.


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