Big data Tools: What suits best for your company?


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On the Internet, a multitude of data is generated daily and massively. To give you a rough idea, approximately 40,000 searches are done per second on Google. And, this number can reach 2 trillion annually. This number is just an example of what exactly big data is. In simpler words, everything we do on the internet is connected to the World Wide Web that generates data and we call it big data.

But, the problem here is how can companies analyze these data and convert it to business-relevant information? However, getting these advantages is not at all simple, as technology breaks down into different types of platforms.

Hence, here we have listed down the 5 main big data tools, each with its own functions that interact differently with the company’s information. They are storage, cleaning, mining, analysis, visualization, and data collection. In order to find the ideal tool for your company, we have explained the purposes of each of these groups of software and tools for each of them below. Good reading!

To collect Information

First, it is necessary to collect the data that will be worked. The software used must perform the task effectively, economically and completely so that the other Big Data tools work to the fullest.

  • Import: Complete and excessively easy to use the software, it requires no additional programming and with simple clicks, you can extract all the information from a page into a complete report that can be analyzed by other programs. It can be used free of charge for a certain period, after its expiration, there is a monthly fee of $ 299 monthly.
  • Apache Chukwa: Based on Hadoop, this tool is an Open Source tool (its code can be modified according to the business needs) and is quite robust to collect, make available, monitor and analyze business results.

To store and control data

Storage is also an important step that should not be ignored, as the information is extensive and totals hundreds of gigabytes. A good tool is required for excellent reading, quickly archiving and changing even the heaviest files.

  • Apache Hadoop: This software helps to increase or reduce the content of files in any format, all quickly and lightly. It is an advanced program that requires a java professional to handle it.
  • Talend: This is also an Open Source data integration platform available with optional paid features and a good option for companies of any size. This tool is programmed with different applications, including storage which handles data used in large volumes in real-time. This ETL tool helps the company to make real-time decisions and be more data-driven.
  • Cassandra: This database system allows the control, compression, and transmission of a large amount of information without compromising the computer’s performance. One of its striking features is its flexibility: it can be used in computers with low processing power, being compatible with numerous technologies.

Information Cleansing

After collecting the data, you will find that the data is completely unorganized and difficult to read. For this reason, there are software’s that organize and standardize the collected information, allowing other programs to use it.

  • Data Cleaner: This software transforms the files into clean structures, organized and sets ready to be read by data visualization software. Data Cleaner is free for the first 30 days, after that, you need to purchase plans at a very minimal price.
  • Open Refine: It is an Open Source and free tool. This tool is extremely easy to use and allows you to explore large amounts of data in a few clicks.  If you encounter any problems, you can request to the support team who are working dedicatedly to improve it.

Data Mining

Data mining is a process of searching relevant information, defining important standards and analyzing behaviors from the collected data.

  • Oracle Data Mining: Its features include pattern discovery, predictions, and data leverage. It allows the identification of consumer behavior and precisely profiles them.
  • Teradata: One of the proficient tools that offer data warehousing services, big data analytics, and their applications in the company’s marketing. In addition, it also offers product implementation in conjunction with user training if managers deem it necessary.

Displaying Information

If you cannot understand the message they convey, then there is no use of collecting, interpreting, analyzing and even predicting the data. Here, these tools come to your rescue by converting complex data into easy-to-read reports, such as graphs, tables, and maps.

  • Tableau: The program allows the creation of maps, bar graphs, dispersion, among countless others. They are generated quickly and update information in real-time. There is a public version completely free and others paid, but with additional features.
  • Chartio: It allows combining data and creating reports directly from the browser; files can be exported to PDF and sent to selected emails. There is a free trial version and premium versions are also available with flexible pricing.


Only with intelligent solutions and with high processing capacity, it is possible to interpret and understand the data set and turn them into valuable insights for the future of the business. The list of big data tools is quite wide and this content is just like the example which the business leaders and new entrepreneurs need to learn to meet the company’s exact need.  With the help of these tools, the specialists will be able to carry out the processes efficiently, defining what next steps the organization should take for a better future.

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