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Alain Attias, Ceo, BayBridgeDigital

Today’s businesses operate in a world of increasing complexity characterized by higher data volumes, faster business cycles, and ever more demanding customers. In this volatile climate, traditional business models, processes and skillsets can put a company at a competitive disadvantage. Responding to this, many enterprises are embarking on the project of digital transformation to help them drive revenue growth, enhance customer experience, improve productivity and manage risk. Advanced in-memory and cloud solutions are opening the door to completely new possibilities and opportunities for businesses virtually in every industry. From established enterprises to nimble start-ups, companies are discovering that they must rethink businesses as usual and concentrate on these new solutions which are the key to helping them create the innovative processes and working models that help them stay competitive.

BayBridgeDigital is a game-changing software company that helps customers on their digital transformation journey on Salesforce, the #1 CRM platforms. It connects organizations, brands, technology, and people through design-driven transformation, creating amazing customer experiences and building digital products to create new growth and business values faster.

The company was founded by cloud pioneers Alain Attias – current CEO – and cloud industry veteran Guy Jerusalmi on a simple but disruptive idea, a new approach to connecting people and technology.

Bayretail: Leading the Future of Retail

BayBridgeDigital is an end-to-end digital enabler, supporting clients from strategy definition all the way to execution on Salesforce, and bringing industry-specific solutions to accelerate change and bring continuous innovation. With that focus in mind, the company developed Bayretail, the one-to-one retail industry solution, to serve its purpose.

BayBridgeDigital became the first and only one-stop-shop for the retail industry on Salesforce with Bayretail developed on the Salesforce platform. Bayretail is leading the way of Unified Commerce for the entire industry. It comes both as a CRM 360° solution on Salesforce and as a mobile clienteling application to help sales associates provide personalized service and seamless customer experience, going as far as the checkout and mobile payments. Based on an omnichannel customer 360° view visible at all levels of the organization (Store management, Sales Associates), and advanced in-app functionalities to address the customer throughout his journey, Bayretail is set to transform the B2C, B2I, and industry (Luxury, Fashion, Retail, Hospitality, specialties, etc). 

Mr. Attias says, “Our cloud software Bayretail, built on the Salesforce platform, comes with pre-built scenarios and advanced AI functionalities to help companies know their customers and develop targeted and relevant marketing strategies.”

BayBridgeDigital helps its clients to envision digital transformation, redesign their processes and build customer-centric approaches. It also brings innovation and drives change in their business. The company is completely committed to its client’s success and everything it does is ultimately geared towards customer satisfaction.

Bayretail is available on Salesforce Appexchange and is aligned with the Salesforce technology roadmap. With AI embedded, mobile Clienteling, mobile point of sales and many other innovations, Bayretail brings an accelerated time to value to Retailers and B2I customers.

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Customer-Centric Team 

BayBridgeDigital consistently trains its people and builds multi-disciplinary skills in order to strengthen its competitive edge and add more value to its clients. In addition to that, 55 customers who are already live with the company are the best testimonials to determine the company’s specific positioning. Companies with the combination of Advisory, Innovation, and Product are the company with hybrid DNA who can leverage from BayBridgeDigital experience and succeed in the digital world.

Mr. Attias says, “Our clients generally value mostly our product Bayretail, industry expertise and ability to innovate around customer knowledge and personalized journeys.” 

He further explains that their customers choose them for mainly three reasons:

  1. Speed: Fast time to value. It is due to a consequence of Bayretail industry-specific processes.
  2. Innovation: Ongoing enhancement as it deploys three releases annually with continuous improvement and new features.
  3. Return of Investment (ROI): It has a proven improvement in conversion rates due to its personalized offers and customer knowledge.

The motive of the company is to transform the digital space in companies in every industry and bringing their digital transformation to success. The business and human values that it carries are structuring its strong corporate culture making a difference for its customers, employees and their partners. Being a customer-centric company, it considers its first value to be customer success.

Alain Attias says, “Innovation is the key and we are innovative by design. Design thinking is our everyday tool. IPs are our wealth. The Salesforce platform and ecosystem are our playgrounds. Sharing & ‘Give back’ are our pride. 1% of our profit and 1% of our employee time will be dedicated to non-profit causes and humanitarian engagements.”

Gearing up for the Future

In the near future, the company is focusing on bringing new features and innovations to the customers which will be instrumental in helping it become the best and the #1 Retail vertical industry solution on salesforce. BayBridgeDigital aims to expand and have a global presence to support clients globally.

Mr. Attias, “We will continue to enhance our features in order to accelerate our clients’ digital transformation and omnichannel excellence with a single and integrated platform.”


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