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Nathan Doughty, CEO, Asite

Asite is a cloud-based construction management platform utilized on some of the world’s most complex projects. The Asite Platform enables project management on capital works through its secure Common Data Environment (CDE), allowing construction organizations to streamline their projects and increase efficiency.

In 1998, the UK Government appointed an industry task force, chaired by Sir John Egan, to advise on opportunities to improve the efficiency and quality of the UK construction industry’s services and products. The resulting ground-breaking whitepaper, ‘Rethinking Construction,’ found that the industry was too adversarial, lacked collaboration, and was too fragmented and needed to be better integrated. It set out guidelines to transform the construction industry by promoting and improving performance by regulating, developing, and driving improvement in the UK construction industry practice. Asite was established in 2001 to enable Sir John Egan’s vision and deliver the IT and digital aspects of his recommendations.

Senior Vice President for APAC, Atit Patel, affirms, “Asite is at the forefront of cloud-based project information management platforms, enabling organizations to come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain. We employ a data-driven approach and ensure a holistic view for all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of capital assets, enabling them to build better while also staying at the forefront of innovation. Trusted by over 62,000 companies worldwide, we’ve helped organizations across APAC achieve more streamlined processes, accurate decision-making, and efficiency in their projects.”

Especially in the past year, the company has grown its product offering and cemented its product families, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Asite Digital Twin, and Asite Ecosystem of integrated partners. “Our most recent developments focus on connecting data across the supply chain. The Asite Platform enables the flow of information between systems through its open API, which allows users’ internal software applications to interact with the platform,” says Nathan, CEO of Asite.

The Asite API is currently building integrations for the Asite Ecosystem. Launched in October 2020, it allows Asite users to expand their capabilities and offerings through system partnerships such as Microsoft Power BI and Autodesk Revit. The Asite Ecosystem embodies Asite’s commitment to working together across the industry in an open, transparent way.

Standing Out in the Market

Since its inception, Asite has been at the forefront of digital innovation and has a strong reputation for providing collaborative digital solutions to some of the most challenging and complex capital projects worldwide.

One of the main focuses of Asite is maintaining its position as the industry leader in cloud-based construction management software. Having identified that organizations on average update their project management systems biennially, they consistently run updates on their software to remain innovative. The platform is constantly evolving and shows no sign of slowing down as it develops new integrations and products to help its clients excel.

The software allows organizations in traditional industries to automate their collaborative business processes and focus their attention on delivering innovative projects. Asite believes that data-driven decision-making in the construction industry needs to be emphasized. Its platform provides an innovative approach towards collaborating all aspects and processes of a capital project’s lifecycle to improve visibility, efficiency, control, and collaboration across teams to achieve better productivity and ROI.

In this fast-paced digital world, Asite has long-standing and robust policies and business continuity plans that have ensured it can deal with change and keep up with the dynamic industry. These policies and plans have been developed over the past 10+ years, working closely with its government and large-scale private-sector clients. As an international-scale Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, resiliency is built into its design at every level.

This resiliency and innovation are apparent in its product families. The Asite SCM solution allows organizations to create efficient digital supply chains using cloud-based tools to save time and money. As part of the SCM family, the Asite Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution facilitates the bi-directional flow of information between project stakeholders, enabling the digital management of supply chains. In addition, the company’s PPM solution connects dispersed project teams and systems, streamlining communication and collaboration across a project. As part of the PPM family, the Asite CDE provides advanced document, BIM, field, workflow, contract, and reporting management solutions, all from one central location.

The standout feature of the Asite Asset Performance Management (APM) solution is the Asite Digital Twin product offering. Here, organizations can maintain a golden thread of information through complete asset lifecycle management and the seamless flow of data.

Asite’s comprehensive range of solutions connects dispersed teams across the lifecycle of capital assets, enabling them to build better and build resilience. The platform allows all project stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate across the asset lifecycle, ensuring information is maintained in a secure, central location. With Asite, capital project owners stay at the forefront of innovation.

This need for better collaboration within the industry became even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the crisis, Asite introduced a new wave of integrations to help users remain connected and collaborate while working remotely, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. The company worked with organizations worldwide to provide them with collaborative tools throughout the challenging year. As the uptake of digital ways of working continues to grow as businesses recognize the benefits of embracing digital solutions, Asite will work alongside organizations to ensure they continue to thrive in the ‘new normal’.

The Future Roadmap

Asite’s market-leading platform has been built in-house since 2001 by its global team of experts in structured data exchange, machine learning, and digital transformation. It aspires to become the world’s leading digital transformation platform, connecting the physical, digital, and human.

“The next step is for our industry to begin working together openly and transparently. We need open construction, built on interoperability if we as an industry are to move forward,” shares Nathan. Asite aims to expand its technical infrastructure to enable data connectivity and a bi-directional flow of information to connect real-world assets to digital twins via IoT, sensors, and real-time data.

The Asite Digital Twin solution is at the forefront of this. The company’s mission is to send and receive, capture, share, and collaborate on all the data collected to derive actionable insights to solve global issues. To help property and real estate organizations connect the physical and digital, the solution provides organizations with the tools to maintain a golden thread of information through complete asset lifecycle management. Here, stakeholders can represent dynamic data from physical assets in digital form. Project teams can manage their assets, store as-built information, and raise maintenance forms and work orders from a secure, centralized, cloud-based repository in Asite.

“We want to continue to grow this element of the Asite Platform and help enable seamless connections and facilitate the open flow of data between IT systems, empowering customers to create more innovative solutions for their own unique needs,” concludes Nathan.


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