PT ABM Investama Tbk: Empowering Businesses with End-to-End One-Stop Integrated Energy Solutions


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Andi Djajanegara, President, Director & CEO, ABM

We are living in a world where the energy crisis is becoming a bigger problem. It is now more important than ever to avoid energy waste and start taking necessary actions that are in harmony with the principle of sustainable development. Many businesses have taken the responsibility of developing energy solutions that will satisfy both the demands of our present and the future with sustainability in mind. One such responsible company is PT ABM Investama Tbk. The company provides the solution for processing natural resources that offer everything from mining to trading by adhering to Safety, Trust, and Quality Excellence.
The Company was established on August 31, 2009. This action was followed by a corporate action carried out by the Tiara MargaTrakindo Group (TMT Group), parent of the integrated energy business group, by acquiring the Company. Since its affiliation with the TMT Group, ABM began its first corporate action through an initial public offering and listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the stock code “ABMM” on December 2011. Since then, ABM has officially assumed the status of a public company.
Currently, ABM has transformed into a leading investment company in Indonesia through various strategic investments in the fields of energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure investments. ABM’s one of the integrated business models known as the Mining Value Chain (MVC) business model, represents integrated mining business operations ranging from mining concessions, mining contractor services, and fuel management, logistics services.
Since its inception, ABM has accumulated energy-related companies under TMT Group, namely PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (SSB) – a remanufacturing and refabrication company, PT CiptaKridatama (CK) – a mining contractor company, PT CiptaKridaBahari (CKB) – an integrated logistics company, PT Reswara MinergiHartama (RWA) – a mining concession owner Company and PT Prima WigunaParama (PWP) – a fuel management company. Subsequently, ABM established PT AnzaraJanitra Nusantara (AJN) to hold several companies engaged as independent power producers (IPPs), using renewable energy sources.
Andi Djajanegara, President, Director & CEO of ABM affirms, “Furthermore, ABM believes that Good Corporate Governance and sustainability must become part of our identity which is rooted in the philosophy of ‘Empowering Energy’. He adds “ABM puts forward energy that encourages the societal development and the advancement of civilization. The natural resources that we manage using the strategic Mining Value Chain approach ensure that millions of Indonesians and the world population get the energies that we need for our daily lives.”

Key Strengths

ABM is a leading integrated energy resource, service, and logistics company through operating subsidiaries, and has diversified operations across the energy value chain with a presence throughout all of Indonesia area. By executing an integrated business model, ABM offers reliable & competitive products & services to customers. “With our extended & integrated business ecosystem, we ensure our customers will be in good hands as we committed to becoming a reputable & reliable business partner with whom we can grow business together. We commit to customer satisfaction by delivering the best quality product and service which exceed our customer’s expectation,” shares Andi.

Additionally, the company engages and manages good relationships with the customers to build trust and ensure a long-term partnership. As a result, ABM performs as customers’ advocates to identify customers’ needs sooner and proactively propose alternative solutions. Andi adds, “We also manage open and flexible communication to our customers as we believe transparency is key to a strong collaboration.”

  • ABM as part of TMT Group also has a sister company namely Trakindo Utama as the sole authorized CAT dealer – of heavy equipment in Indonesia, which make strong connections in doing ABM business.
  • The company’s ESG Rating is “AAA” for Disclosure Rating from ESG Award held by Berita Satu Media Holding & Investor, BGKF; Gold Rating for Holding Company category multisector industry held by Business Indonesia; “BB” from MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International).
  • Its Bond Rating Fitch B+, Moody’s B1

Towards a Sustainable Future

With regard to ABM’s future, Andi shares, “2023 will be a Bold Move phase for ABM to achieve its 2025 Vision, which includes achieving financial stability (Stabilize), encouraging cross-group synergies (Groupwide), and becoming the leading integrated mining entity in Indonesia (Growth).” ABM’s Bold Move means carrying out concrete strategies and initiatives, to create a foundation for growth from the medium to long term. Contextually, ABM’s Bold Move means that ABM needs to strengthen the sustainability aspiration by implementing Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) in the company’s all operational aspects.
The sustainability strategy embedded in ABM Vision 2025 and realized through these concrete initiatives has provided the company with the benefit of a significant increase in net profit from the previous year. “Companies that apply ESG principles provide better perception. Stakeholders are comfortable seeing us because these ESG-related initiatives are quite good. So ABM’s competitiveness is improving in line with the execution of our sustainability strategy,” shares Andi.


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