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The time has come for the APAC region to take a stronger leadership role in the global economy. Now the region has the highest number of billionaires in the world overtaking North America. Great ideas are coming into the market; innovative startups are mushrooming up. The region is leading in many of the top technologies including Digital Payment, Blockchain, AI, and IoT. Women are playing a very active role in entrepreneurship. The rise of Zilingo, under the leadership of a 27 years old female entrepreneur, Ankita Bose (Co-founder & CEO), has been an inspirational for women and young people around the world. Considering all these aspects, APAC is in a good position to take its economy to the next level and play a bigger role in improving the state of the world.

Our PR Partners Program is to ensure that there is transparency, collaboration, and exchange of ideas in this promising market. We partner with some of the most trusted PR agencies in the region to spread business/technology news and trends to the wider audience. We exchange and promote great ideas from top business leaders and aspiring leaders. In collaboration with our partners, we are connecting and reconnecting entrepreneurs and professionals. Together we are providing knowledge platforms to deserving companies and individuals to exchange, share, connect, promote and grow.

We believe that the publishing media has an important role to play in ensuring that the region’s progressive market is sustainable and viable in the long run. Our responsibility is to ensure that there is transparency and collaboration across the board for a healthy business environment based on trust. And we are fortunate to work with our committed PR partners who believe in the same.


We are proud to be partners with Apac Business Headlines to help increase awareness and exposure for the clients we serve, to the Asia-Pacific level and beyond. APAC Business Headlines is a credible source of newsworthy insights for forward-thinking businesses and it helps keeps us and clients informed on global trends and changes. Changes that we need to embrace and find solutions to take us to into the next era of business.

Affluence PR Pte Ltd

Thanks for APAC Business Headlines for providing a good opportunity for us to be known by our potential clients. It is very honorable for us, a local PR company in China, works together with such a great media partner. We definitely look forward to more opportunities from the stable collaborations.

PR Boutiques International

It is a pleasure for us, KVB | Kennedy, Voice & Berliner, to develop a partnership with APAC Business Headlines. As KVB co-drives growth inclusion and co-builds the new economy with enterprises, startups and venture capital firms around the world, APAC Business Headlines to create good impact together.

Kennedy Voice & Berliner