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Follow and use Chinese policy to win the market, How to?

Written by Vivian Li, PR Manager of Geni-plus PR

In facing the fierce competition, e-market become the mainstream of business in China. There are many benefits of doing e-market, such as cost-effective, less administration processes, great amount of tools to do promotion,etc. 

The most important is that local government gives great help in building up friendly external environment to foreign clients in China. Moreover, the tax incentives and other favored policies to e-market would give more room for foreign clients to understand the market and test water with limited lost in costs. 

How to understand the policies and manipulate tools to do promotion? Well, at least you may need to do a pre-marketing research and competitive research. These are must-do plans before making decision to entering into the market. The researches may gives you understanding about basic image of similar products, their prices, strengths, weakness, and so on. So only with professional PR partners, clients may get thorough results about the market. 

Geni-plus PR would like to provide the onestop PR service to clients which looks for understanding and participating to market. With customized PR strategies, we believe our clients may win the market in China.